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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, will update with the outcome.
  2. Here is the extract. I have changed the sensitive information, i dont want this thread searchable for obvious reasons. ************* employees have been clamped for parking in their own company’s car park. One worker was stunned to be told she would have to pay £232 to release her vehicle from the firm’s ********** car park and was driven by the clamper to a cash machine so she could pay up. She was told by the clamper that she was the fourth *********** employee that day to be caught. A company spokesman said the worker should have displayed a parking permit but was investigating why the company’s security team was not told about the clamping. The 28-year-old employee, who has been working for ********** for three years, said she thought the action was over the top. She said: “I usually park at the nearby gym and walk across but this day I was late and it was raining. There is much more space in the car park now because of the redundancies. “I know that I should have a permit but I didn’t expect to be clamped. I think this is over the top.” On phoning the clamping company the distressed employee was told she would have to hand over £232 to get her car released. She said: “I tried to pay with my credit card but it wasn’t accepted so I was driven to ******* to use the cashpoint. “It’s ridiculous – there must be an easier way to handle this. You don’t expect to be clamped outside your own work. “We are all moving to ******** soon where parking is a major problem.” A ********* spokeswoman said: “We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously and will be investigating why our security team were not informed of the clamping. It is regularly communicated to employees that unless that have a valid parking permit, they risk being clamped by the car park management.” The management company at ******** declined to talk to the *****.
  3. Hi Offkey81, She has been at the company for three years.
  4. Guys, Does anyon have any advice they can lay on me? Quick background story can be found here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/233317-clamped-park-direct-ltd.html To sum it up my wife spoke to a reporter from our local paper and told him what happend. This has now been published, however my wife has been suspended from work pending an investigation. The reasons given that she talked to the paper. This is apparently a breach of contract. Now I understand, it may be if she talked about company business. However she has not. She only talked about the clamping, and obviously mentioned the company that she works for. Now, am I right in thinking that they can't dismiss her for talking to the press? Also is there any other advice that I can give her. Thanks in advance. K
  5. Hi, Yes he did. It is a legit number, but i dont know if it was the person who issued the ticket. If it was me, I am sure I would of remmebered everything, but my wife went all funny. I am still annoyed that she got in his van and paid him cash.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice from people? My Wife was clamped today at work by Park Direct Ltd. She was rather distraught. But Paid up. I have a couple of questions that I would like feedback on if possible, I have done a bit of digging on the internet and I just would like some advice on the course of action. Would it make sense for her to contact her union at work or the local paper? I mean I think it is a bit unfair that a company is clamping its own employees via Park Direct Ltd? I have the reciept on me, it has not been signed by the clamper, should they not sign it? She had a ticket from last year parking in the same place, but she has not had one since. Today, they refused to remove the clamp until the other ticket was paid as well. Is that legal? She tried to pay by card but the individual said the card machine was broken, in the end he took her to a cash point to pay the fine. I was like wtf! I have had a look at the signage an it is plastic cardboard attached to a lamp post in the area with cable ties. It is bent round at an angle as well. The reciept mentions offence and illegal parking. Does anyone else know what I can do? Is it worth contacting trading standards? Thanks Karl
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