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  1. UPDATE! I am very very suprised that they haven't made contact at all, not by email or phone, strange??? I deafaulted ages ago, nearly 3 months and it hasn't been passed onto Clarity and they haven't even blocked my account as I can still log into it. Does anyone know why this is?? Donna
  2. When you go back onto JSA, you will continue what you have left from your contributions, so say you used up 2 months on ESA of contributions, then you will have 4 months left when you move back on to JSA. That's what happened to me, I used 3 months worth of contributions on ESA and then I decided to go back on to JSA and only had 3 months worth of contributions left. I hope everything gets sorted soon for you, have a nice christmas
  3. Hi Everyone Here the story goes....I was very ill for nearly a year, not knowing what I had wrong with me and even doctors were fuzzled as well. Anyway I was off work nearly 9 months with this unknown condition and then after 1 and half years they found out what was wrong with me, I have BPPV - Severe vertigo disorder, symptoms include constant dizzy spells, being off balance (feeling like you are drunk) headaches etc....You get good days and bad days like all illnesses. Anyway in june this year I had the option to leave my work, as I was still of ill and they was making redudancies,
  4. Well said Mashmellow! Sorry to hear you only got 5mins out of the 4 hour recording....At least you got some information over to other people... Good Luck everyone Have a nice christmas and happy new year all x
  5. Lucy - I had the same thing 3 days before as I cancelled my direct debit and they rang me so I told them I couldn't afford to pay them. Now the debit is near on £600, had one phonecall from them since 1st dec and they haven't even contacted me by phone or email.... I am now waiting for this to be passed over to Clarity, in which I am pretty sure they do? Don't they? I have opened another bank account with someone else, but I am worried they may find this out and try to attempt to take money from that account, as my benefit's are being paid into that new one, can they do this if they
  6. I am going to offer £10 pm, as that's all I can afford as I have been made redundant, do you think they will accept this? There is £450 outstanding with charges Donna
  7. i'm with Lloyds Tsb and when you cancel a DD with them, they cancel it straight the way, you don't have to wait any days Hope that helps
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I have just checked my account and to my superise they have added £155 on top of the outstanding loan! No way I know it was going to happen, but I aint even defaulted on the loan yet lol Is this right??
  9. Calls started today, apperantly because I cancelled my direct debit it has been passed onto an account manager, she rang today asking why i cancelled the DD and also when am I going to pay, because they don't do rollover's...I said I sent a email explaining I have been made redundant (with no redundancy pay as only been there 1 year) and can't afford to pay it back, well that was it she started giving me the stuff, like you signed the contract etc... She said she is going to call back in a week's time, do I answer the call as they only have my mobile phone number and nothing else...If I i
  10. I can't see how they can get money from your account when I have cancelled my sirect debit and my bank card....How??? I have a savings account, but it's a online banking one is this ok? Thanks
  11. Cancelled Direct debit today, also cancelled my debit card as well. Just wandering are PTPD allowed to re-set the direct debit up without my permission? The bank said I can cancel this on my side, but they can set this back up if I have previously agreed to this, is this true?? Thanks in advance
  12. They can't dip into my account as I have reported my debit card lost and its been cancelled, also cancelled the direct debit on the account.... I can't set up another current account as I have bad credit rating and I like banking with the bank I have had for the last 10 years. Do they have a right to dip into your account when you haven't authorised them to do this, no that is fraud and yes I am sure they can get done for this... Thanks for the advice...
  13. Thank you all for your help I will keep this post updated Thanks
  14. Can anyone tell me when can I should cancel my direct debit, the payment is due on the 30th....?? I don't want to do it any earlier than the 25th as they might get onto my back earlier. Thanks
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