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  1. Well Just to keep you updated. I sent them a letter explaing what happened to give them the opportunity to cancel the charge but if they intended to persue then to give me the court date & I would provide the court the evidence that the car was elsewhere for the majority of the time they say it was in the car park. Needless to say they ignored my letter so it is only polite that I now do the same to theirs! I am now on the 1st debt collectors letter from CCS Collect
  2. Hi I have received a PCN from the above company. I have read a lot of the previous threads but they all seem to be from people who have exceeded the time limit. The car park that I was parked in has 90 minutes free parking. Now, my PC was with PC World for upgrading & this car park is to be used by their customers. I parked in the carpark & called into PC World at 11 in the morning to enquire if the PC was ready as it is murder to speak to them on the phone. I then drove out of the car park & went about my business for the rest of the day. PC World rang me at home
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