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  1. 2am,can not sleep ? child or worry. Its a joke that a case can be used as a authority when the outcome is not finalised. Although not meant to show any favour but the whole court system just favours the legal people,the people who know what to say and how to say it.The average Mr & Mrs Public can quite easily fall but you seem to be getting to know the in and outs quite well. You need to find some cases which you can quote and hopefully the judge will be a little bit more up to speed with whats going on,I'll have a look. Have you been harassed at all ,constant phonecalls. Good
  2. Bloody hell £3170 for what ?,costs are fixed for this sort of stuff and maximums are allowed and this is very excessive to put it mildly.Every time i was in court they would always ask for a lot more and the judge would only allow a amount in line with guidelines.For the last attendance they were going to charge £264 for the privalige of getting the charging order ! How has that sum been calculated ? Cheers Ramjet
  3. Hi Pumpytums, Unfortunately the letter does have his SRA number,nothing would please me more than to report him. Do you pay them anything at all,whats the state of play with your account.How far down the road are you ? Ramjet
  4. O yeah, sorry bloody rush this morning,dumbo ! And yes letter was from clever Trevor.Arc accepted increased payment and the letter please disregard.Might send a letter and asked for my signed agreement.A fellow forum member is going to give me a good draft. Cheers Ramjet
  5. Hi Pumpytums, Interesting link and will read but yes it does show how nasty some are becoming.Recently I was getting constant calls on a sunday from ARC which i fealt like i was being harassed.I wouldn't mind but they seem to be very young people chewing gum or eating a sandwich which no real appreciation as to what you are going through to try to manage you debts.They have brought the debt and are after a quick settlement,cocky little S___s As soon as i meantioned harassment they seemed to back of and then a letter turned up from a solicitor. I do have equity in the house although w
  6. Well another fun day in court,depressing to see the list of cases and loads of charging orders ! Charging order went through ,objections not even discussed ,solicitor said he has done 7000 charging orders and averages 1000 a year,bloody hell he was not bragging just stating fact.He was a nice bloke and did say that any debt over a £1000 that could not be paid back in a year would be handled this way.There would be no stipulation as to force the sale of my property and the monthly amount seemed to be irelevant. He mentioned it was a sort of accepted norm that any other creditors would not o
  7. So ref part 36 can be quoted and used as a lever if i offer £150 a month ? as they have refused £130. Should i try to get some conditions put in if the judge accepts the charging order ? Reference Wife,not had the balls to tell her yet,she is already on medication for depression and anxiety problems.And when i lost my job she had to use he grandmothers money to help us out and settle some other debts. I have failed her and not a day goes by without me thinking about it. ramjet
  8. ref part 36 it seems to relate to a total settlement as opposed to an increased monthly amount to prevent the charging order. Can it be used or quoted as i am only offering to increase the amount paid each month. Ramjet
  9. Oh well approached Shoosmiths and they said no to increasing the amount and stopping the court action.I will do a letter to the judge in preperation of the hearing in March.I did offer the amount the solicitor said in court. It states on the letter I do not have to attend ! would it be wise to ? anyone been there before at this stage ? What should I put in my letter any cases I should quote ? Ramjet
  10. in a last minute ditch to prevent this from happening i am proposing to contact Shoosmiths. When i went to court in November the solicitor representing Shoosmiths said that a monthly payment of (from memory) of about 135 a month would prevent any further court action.I will email shoosmiths directly and also contact the court .A previous correspondance to the court i had suggested we wait until my first year accounts had been submitted so one could get an accurate picture as to my true or potential earning.To me this made sense as we could all see what i had earnt and the monthly payments c
  11. ok a quick reply ,loads of mail coming through the door addressed to me and the wife.Unfortunately she knows nothing of this disaster and my stupidity over the years.We have had letters from land registry and now more stuff from shoosmiths all of which i have caught before getting to her.i fear the marriage will be finished when she finds out this lot.We used her premium bonds to pay of other debts before and that was it she thought. I now feel sick with worry,how can things have got so far out of control,I just feel like a complete failure. The post above Your original order was fort
  12. Damn it,bloody charging order application turned up today.Always made me payments as agreed at the hearing, I would continue to pay £60.00 a month. Judge did give them permission to apply for one,but should one be granted.At the hearing he did ask about equity in the house and due to the size of the debt thats why he let them apply for it.Natwest just wanted something to secure their debt ? as the combined debt is a result of overdraft (6k) and loan (13k) and non were secured on property at time a little unfair now ! Have to write my objections by 12/02/2011 ! Still reading and lea
  13. Believe me Pumpytums you have been very helpful,thank you. Much more time reading,lifes an education. Ramjet
  14. Spot on Pumpytums. They have been granted a application to apply for one ,as the solicitor said they just want to secure the debt.They can not force the sale of my home and i must continue to pay £60.00 a month. They were granted no costs for this re determination hearing. I am worried what the mortgage company will say now ! Ramjet
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