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  1. In a nutshell:- Sent package worth £400 with myHermes. Insured it to max (£250) and paid extra for 'signature required' Customer contacts me to say package hasn't turned up, I contact myHermes who say it was left in a shed, customer replies that they do not have a shed. I lodge a claim through their customer service who offer £263 compensation, despite me proving it was worth much more. I could understand that in the case of breakage etc but seeing as I paid extra for them to require a signature and they just ignored that is there any way I could get full value back? Thanks
  2. I really don't understand this. He bought a laptop, paid £50 deposit and rest on credit. He then returned the laptop and got £50 back He was still obliged to make payments on credit So what happened to the £1000 odd that came from the credit agreement? Did PC World keep that and the laptop after it was returned? Or did the finance company receive a refund of the amount from PC World and still demanded he make payments even though they'd received a refund of the loan amount? Really seems like a ridiculous case and something common sense should've sorted years ago!!
  3. That's great, when's he usually available? Their Facebook and Twitter teams have got in touch but would rather deal with someone who is recommended.
  4. I don't expect the two first ones to be refunded but the following ones all should be. The person I spoke to spoke to his supervisor and said there was nothing anyone would do and there's nothing else I could do to escalate it. Does anyone have details for someone else to contact? Thanks
  5. Hi, I need some advice as Vodafone are being extremely unhelpful in a case with me. I lost my iPhone on Friday 31st Jan in the evening, due to various reasons I was unable to report it lost that night but did so the next afternoon in a Vodafone store where I was given a replacement sim card and told my old sim was now blocked. Between 5pm that day and 10pm that night a number of calls were made to Belgium costing nearly £100. Two of those were made before it was reported lost and the rest in a few hour window afterwards. At this point I didn't have use of my mobile as the new sim w
  6. Any idea who I write to? I've sent 3 letters now without reply all sent via post and email.
  7. I am sure I saw on another post that someone had managed to get Orange to remove a default because they hadnt received the notice.. I would have sorted this sooner, I only found out when I was rejected for a loan at my bank, havent missed a payment on anything and just found this after ordering a credit report. Anyone have any ideas who I can call or what i can do to sort it?
  8. Hi People, I'm in a bit of a pickle and could do with some advice. Basicly two years ago I was a contract mobile customer with Vodafone. In my contract I was supposed to receive 400 free minuites and texts. There was an issue where somehow the free texts were cancelled off my account and I was billed for them which added in the region of £120 onto my bills which shouldn't have been there, i only noticed after a couple of months. When I called customer services to complain, they agreed that I had been charged for the free texts that should have been included, but infortunately
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