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  1. (post up their request/threatogramme and we will advise accordingly.) cheers guys once i receive a letter that has more information on it i will post.
  2. and if it is addressed to me and i still send it back addressee not known. what then?
  3. Again thanks for the info Been a week now and since i received the last letter. Unplugged my house phone(dont use it anyway its purely there for internet purposes). Do you think they've forgotten about me.Ha Ha.(very unlikely) Will keep you posted on the next letter. Although i would love to know the letters contents, is my best course of action to not open it and return to sender addressee not known?
  4. thanks everyone for your posts I am so glad i looked at this forum up on the net before i rang the number on the 'to the occupier' letter. Is it right that said letter is against OFT regulations due to the fact that they have not outlined the reason they have contacted me in it. Was trying to work it out last night and i am pretty sure that its over the six year period, if not it will be by feb 2010, so in the worse case scenario that it is febuary, am i still within my rights to ignore them til i am 100% sure the 6 years has lapsed. Is there any legal implications if i gave a false name on the phone should they ring. According to the last letter i have 5 days to contact them before the mysterious 'local agent' will call. Through reading these forums, ive been informed that this means the phone calls will start.
  5. Hi all Just joined this forum and new to all this. I recently received a letter 'To the occupier', which being a bit suspicious of its contents i googled. Its at this point i discovered who they are and all the problems people have suffered from these cowboys. As you can imagine i did not contact them after reading this stuff. Now i know i defaulted on a credit card balance a number of years ago. So i began to think that it was because of that. My thoughts were confirmed yesterday when i received another letter with my name on it. Although it doesnt state what they want to speak to me about it doesnt really take a genius to work out what it will be about. Now reading up on them i have discovered that if its over 6 years old, which it is, its then unenforceable, so if i dont acknowledge the letters and any phone calls regarding it, is there anything they can actually do about it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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