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  1. Ok thanks. I’m currently receiving 3-4 text messages per week from zinc. Haven’t answered anyone regarding it since dealing with the manager at the gym.
  2. I've asked for the request to escalated. I'm expecting a call back........ Shall I write a letter to Harland asking for a refund of the £25 admin fee? Stating they may keep the £9.99 as full and final settlement? this was made 25/7/7 after I manually cancelled the DD 7/7/17 as it was still showing active. thanks yes they said as it wasn't a DD it couldn't be done when I insisted it was my legal right for it to be done he said they were only able to do a charge back if done on the same day the payment was made and before 6:30pm. I was supposed to get a ca
  3. currently on hold at bank again!!! They're adamant that a chargeback cannot be done? Joshua, the guy on the phone, is telling me it has to be done on the same day and before 6.30pm. He's the second person to say not help as Krystal just cut me off!!!! They've advised me to contact harlands and ask for a refund. Got a feeling they won't be ready to issue a refund. Next move? for reference, I bank with Barclays
  4. Hi it was card payment over the phone for £34.99 which was a monthly fee and default charges, allegedly. Cheers
  5. ok I contacted bank via live chat before Christmas, however the assistant wasn't too knowledgeable and since then id planned to look for a template and post a letter to the bank, then Christmas loomed and to be honest id completely forgotten about it till now. Is there a template letter I could use please? Thanks in advance, again
  6. Do I simply ignore? or should I now write letters to gym, harlands and zinc stating I owe nothing as fulfilled agreement and paid £34.99 in July 2017 thanks again
  7. debt collectors, to be fair the only reason I know this is because of this site. Thanks
  8. Hi all, UPDATE: received text from Zinc, 5/1/18, with a link with letter attached. Clicked on letter but have to input details such as date of birth etc, never bothered so no idea what the letter said. Out of interest do these clowns have a leg to stand on? Thanks again PRIOR TO CONTACT FROM ZINC I'VE HAD SEVERAL OFFERS IN WRITING OF REDUCING THE DEBT
  9. Hi Slick, Thanks for your help. I think I'd rather leave £34.99 I've paid, if they'll just leave me alone! I'm just confused as to how they can say I owe more when I paid what they asked! I've received letters, phone calls, emails with letter attached etc etc. I've ignored them all; however I'm unsure as to whether I should write explaining I've already complied with their demands by paying £34.99 which covers 2.5 months of gym membership fees after the DD cancellation form? Thanks again
  10. Hi dx, I have no proof or definite date I originally completed online cancellation form. They say they have no record of it so going off that I cancelled my DD 7/7 to which I received default notice which I paid £34.99. Is that a £10 membership fee plus admin therefore I have paid a payment after cancellation? I was told the £34.99 would clear it and enable me to complete cancellation form online again. I'm now receiving threatening demands for over £171. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Slick, thanks for coming back to me. I have not made another payment since the £34.99 on 25/7/17. I cancelled my DD 7/7/17 as per the advice from the gym. I was then issued with default notice. I was advised to pay £34.99 and recomplete form which I did. Do I now need to pay more? I thought £34.99 was the default charge and final month payment? I've had numerous letters and phone calls, all of which I've ignored, the latest letter being sent via email with court and CCJ threats. Is there a template I can send advising that I've already paid the £34.99? shou
  12. Hi Slick, thank for the response. I don't remember the date I originally cancelled online membership, I didn't keep a note of it. I noticed the DD was still showing as active in my bank I rang and explained to the girl Id completed canc form but that DD was still showing active. She advised me to cancel DD myself to ensure it was cancelled. /The DD was cancelled 7/7/17. I was then issued with default letters etc. Asking me to pay Harlands 34.99. I was told by the manager that once that was paid I could recomplete the cancellation form and it would all be sorted
  13. thanks so much for the advice, I'll keep you posted.
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