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  1. Thanks, i Will take you advice but i am sure it is statute barred because i have not dealt with the original debt for 7 years. I have heard of Lowell chasing debts even if they are barred.
  2. Thanks Andy. Just looking through my old bank statements and the last payment for this debt was April 2007 via a debt management company called CCCS. (Consumer Credit Counselling Service). Does this mean its situate bared and will that help me?
  3. To be honest i did not do anything...have had a lot of personal and financial problems that have taken over recently, my fault i know, i guess i will now pay for that.
  4. Got a letter today, Judgement For Claimant (in default). Worried now as it says you must pay the claimant a total of £1398.60 forthwith and if you ignore this order your goods may be removed etc. I am self employed on a low income and my wife is part time only, no way can we find that kind of money. What advice can you give, should i ring the court, or Lowell and try and arrrange some sort of payment deal?
  5. Thanks everyone, my wife wants to wait a bit longer to see if she hears anything, but if she does not i will take your advice.
  6. Thanks, Yes , my wife dealt with the solicitor on her behalf when she went into a care home and her house had to be sold etc. Don't know who the executor of the will is, maybe a family member. Is there a time after death when it all should be sorted, my wife just wants to wait and see but i think she should receive whatever she is entitled to and not be fobbed off.
  7. My wife was very good friends with an elderly neighbour for many years. In the last few she got ill and my wife looked after her when she could, sadly she had to go into a home where she was happy until she passed away. While having a conversation with my wife she showed her that she had altered her will to show that some of her estate will go to my wife as well as other relatives. My wife was shocked, but the neighbour said it was something she wanted to do. Anyhow now she has died (early Dec last year) we are not sure if the will has been read or what the situation is. She had sold her ho
  8. It says current account on the court letter....so do i still send a CPR 31.14 request?...Getting confused now....
  9. Paid anything..no....written acknowledgement...only the CCA request.....all i remember having is lots of letters from Lowell which after a while i just ignored.
  10. It says: Particulars of Claim. The Claimants Claim is for the sum of 1376.60 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a current accounts agreement regulated by the CCA 1974 between the defendant and Nationwide BS. under acc ref ******** and assigned to the claimant on 14/12/2010 notice of which has been given to the defendant. T he defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied with. The claim also includes statutory interest..etc , etc. I dont know where t
  11. Recieved a letter today from Northampton County Court, it is a claim form with added charges. They have not replied to my CCA request. getting worried now as its bumped the bill up to £1376. t says if i ignore it, judement will be made against me. Any advice appreciated.
  12. Ok, many thanks for the replies, will send off CCA requests ASAP.
  13. Thanks. The first was an overdraft on a bank account, that bank account was closed at least 6 years ago. The other was a credit card, i need to look up when that was last dealt with but its at least 5 years. Have not looked into PPI claims on any debts as i thought contacting them could just make matters worse.
  14. Used this fabulous forum a few years ago to find out about debt management etc and it was a great help. Most of the letters and phone calls stopped from Lowell who were chasing us at that time after following advice from here. But in the last 2 weeks we have had 2 letters from bw legal with regards 2 debts, one for £980 Nationwide building society and £388 for Capital One Finance. It has been quite a few years at least 5, since we have had any contact with both of these companies and ignored any phone calls or letters we have had from Lowell about these debts. The
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