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  1. Hello Formister, Whilst I would agree in general with what you have said, there are OC's out there who at the first sign that there might be a problem start out to hammer you and behave in an even more underhanded despicable way than the DCAs. Many are the cases on this site. There are coroners' reports ON THE RECORD which have actually said that people have been driven to take their own lives both by OCs and DCAs behaviour, much of which of course is illegal. As Basil says, none of us can predict what will happen to us even on a day to day basis. I would, based upon our own bitter, bitte
  2. Hello DOH, I would refer you to my posts no's 46 and 52. It is not absolutely clear what SB is or was trying to achieve and until we have a clear picture of what has or has not been done it may not be the correct route to take to achieve the required ending merely to examine the paperwork posted. I entirely agree with your comments about being told to "throw in the towel" and I for one have been complaining formally about posts such as the ones you are referring to. I too can be analytical and logical as claimed by others and recently I have wondered why we all bother and why we all
  3. It has just ben published by ITN news on the net that whilst infront of the Commons Select Committee the Diamond personage (the site team won't allow me to say what I really ought to say) claimed that barclays had paid £2billion into the Exchequer. It has just been revealed that most of that was in fact payroll taxes and national insurance for employees. it is alleged they only actually paid £113million in corporation tax. Come on Con-man Cameron and treacherous turncoat Clegglet, how about some leadership from the front. Don't bother about Osbourne , just take a look at his eyes, psychot
  4. Eire belongs to the days of "Erin co Bra" my friend. I got into awful bother when we addressed an envelope with "Eire" instead of "IRELAND". Perhapos with all the money we are lending them we should bring back the Black and Tans. Would help our unemployment problem a bit. regards oilyrag.
  5. Unfortunately guys it is ALWAYS the little people that have to suffer. All the major technological and engineering design was done by contractors here in the UK a while ago and suddenly we were lumbered with IR35. We were always told that tax evasion was criminal but tax avoidance was not. Unfortunately when the Confederation of Small Business went to court on our behalf against the Inland Revenue because of the list of exemptions to IR35 (doctors, hospital consultants, professional footballers, entertainers, fellow rovers and travellers, et al) we contract people were told by the judge that w
  6. Hello Floridagirl, Just picked up your thread. You ask how long acn they keep this up? Well brace yourself we have been at it the best part of three and half years altogether. Barclaycard are one of the worst people you can have to deal with in this business. Do quite a bit of reading on here and follow the advice you have been given and what is available on other threads. You can cope with them and once they have passed it on to their in house collections people Mercers they usually put several feet wrong and then even more so when it gets passed across the office gangway to the next lev
  7. Some but not all professional legals are suggesting that proper argument of this in a court, should the creditor make any reference to "Carey", would require the creditor to provide a full and complete audit trail of all variations right back to the date of inception of the alleged agreement. It falls under sections 108 and 234 of the "Carey" judgement. Also please note that HHJ Waksman, whilst allowing for reconstituted documents elsewhere for the INFORMATION PURPOSE under s78 CCA1974, he leaves no room for manoeuvre here in 108 and 234 i.e. he specifically uses the word original. There
  8. Hello Good People, I agree with most of what you say caro, however there is a point which needs clarification to ensure that stupidboy gets the best support from the folks on here. It really is essential that , stupidboy, you get to know exactly the position your solicitor (or ex as the case maybe) is in with your case. In our own case, all the ground work was done and we were then told to wait until any claim form arrived, if one ever did, and then and only then would things move again. We could safely ignore any of the other drivel. Correspondence had been sent by the sols to the OC sta
  9. Hi caro, I should just like to point out that although Kotecha was a defendant in the original case, most claims management company claims are just that i.e claims against a creditor, mostly on the most frivolous grounds, which has not worked for a very long time now. It has been proper professional advice and the advice on here, to wait and defend a claim. It has also been a mantra in several other areas of the civil law, i.e. make them come to you!! regards oilyrag.
  10. Heloo stupidboy, I have seen your bumps. You have had advice from here yet it would seem that you have failed to act upon it. As regards your paperwork, there are enough threads and direct information on here to determine to your own satisfaction the validity of said paperwork or otherwise as the case maybe. Do you know EXACTLY where you stand with the solicitor you allege has bailed out on you? Do you HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION ALL of the paperwork and correspondence you allege has passed between court/OC /yourself and them? Have you had the face to face meeting with the
  11. Stick at it bubbsie, we are all still learning. I am glad that you have already voted with your feet. That is the only course of action with these people. They exercised their right of "set-off" for a barclaycard against an account which was already OD and took us over the agreed limit and had the blasted cheek to try and charge us for the privilege. The problem they had was that the card was actually fully paid up to date, we got the money back, instructed solicitors to deal with them and we have just won a 10% F&F on the OD plus barclaycard get nothing at all and have been told formally
  12. Hi Bubbsie, yes I can confirm that slick is correct, CSL are part of the Barclays coven and definitely your OD is still with the bank itself. They are normally slow to sell debts on but never wish to appear the "bad boy", and get others to do the dirty work. There is a "doorstep" letter in the library and I would send that to both Barclays head office and CSL plus power2contact. However NEVER sign anything to anyone involved in this business from now on, either just print your name or get one the electronic signatures which were available on this site. In your position I would also,
  13. Unfortunately this is the problem with all these "on-line" banking methods. These are the disadvanatges that no one tells you about. They can a**e around as much as they like when you do everything on line. Remember that Paypal is a big USER of VISA which is a Barclays company and I would not be surprised to find that the dead hand of the Barclays coven extends to at least the partial underwriting of Paypal. They own an awful lot of financial companies in the States beside here. So beware. We do nothing on-line now if we can help it, all through branch with stamped and initialled receipts and
  14. Hi Guys, Good Morning to you both P1 and DD. I think DD the we should remember that both you and I were both, when in agreement with each other, cagbotted on the very subject of the motives of certain people on this site. Carey v HSBC has been very much overplayed by many and the more it goes on the more I realise that the protagonists and those that constantly raise this subject either do not understand what it was actually about or worse still do NOT WANT to understand what it is actually about. Of course the banks and creditors will overplay this hand if they can, of course they will d
  15. You and me both P1. I have traced one to a dca inspired forum and have watched some of the postings there and I am horrified. I take strength from the fact that their lives must be so sad and desperate now that they have to come on here to undermine whatever good we may be doing to help our fellow man in the same trouble we are or have been in the past. best regards oilyrag.
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