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  1. Have I missed something or this http://fca-consumer-credit-interim.force.com/CS_RegisterSearchPageNew for HFO correct - no disciplinary history my arse
  2. Thank you BA - went well. hurts but then again ...... No pain, No Gain ! Going to get all my Rox stuff together to add to the weight of evidence against TR / HFO / Rox -
  3. i've had a bad day at work. Having surgery tomorrow, was feeling rubbish BUT this news is the BEST ................ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  4. BA - health not too bad, not a word from our friends since they discontinued last year - anything remaining should be stat barred by now but I won't hold my breath until I read a column in the Daily Bigot Financial section telling me that HFO / TR / Validor and the rest of the slime have gone bust in the great financial meltdown of whenever......
  5. have you been on their website? the 'faces' page is brilliant. if i owned that firm, I would sack them all for looking like clowns...........
  6. it was a credit card ( 2 in fact) have copies of agreement with PPI boxed ticked ( on advice of person who got me to fill it in in a shopping arcade)
  7. hi scoobied - I did a SAR sometime ago for a different reason - got reams of printouts but no statements which showed anything since the card was taken out in '94, BC said there were no statements!! this was done about a year ago. had gone into default and account passed to DCA
  8. Have a PPI claim in with Barclays - received letter today saying they upheld my complaint but I am due no compensation because I never paid any premiums - how can I have had PPI with no premiums? anyone else seen this?
  9. Sorry to hijack thread - is it possible for Barclays to uphold my PPI complaint but pay me nothing because I had not paid any premiums at all? How can I have had a mis sold policy that was free? any advice welcome
  10. does anyone have any advice on whether it is possible to reclaim PPI from Barclaycard on credit cards which I defaulted on and then the accounts were sold on to DCA's? - I assume BC are responsible for the mis selling, but does the default impact on their liability and could they now seek to 'offset' any claim against original default Thanks D
  11. Hi All, not hijacking just browsing out of interest. not heard any more from OFT re our friends - was thinking of phoning for an update -
  12. hello all - anyone heard of Ruthbridge Ltd ? just got a letter from them re something I thought had been sorted out in January with Intrum Justitia. Have phoned IJ and they say they have never heard of Ruthbridge... just wondering
  13. hello BA Been offline for a while now - health not been very good but am ok for the moment. Yes Have completed mission spoken to very interested folk and filled in some forms regarding my complaints and issues.... like others I suppose am waiting for replies. On another issue - anyone here had any dealings with a Debt management Company called Accord / Accord Debt Advisors / Debtminders - one of those companies who you pay maney to everymonth and they 'negotiate' with creditors to 'help' you? not an issue now but I suspect they may owe me a lot of money which didn't get where it was supposed to go
  14. Yep - its a good idea and I guess the more the merrier.... onto it! However HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all for help and advice so far first. CAG rocks
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