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  1. Yes, the offer was in writing. Okay I'll start with a SAR and see what that drags up! Should I address it to the PO box address for Lloyds PPI, or to another address? My local branch?
  2. Yes, I just want to know the numbers are right, but how do I get them to reveal it? They just refuse to answer orally, and in written form they simply ignore the question! I don't think I've got anything to lose at court, its not a vexatious case as its reasonable for me to ask that their figures are right. and even in the event they win and get costs against me I don't have any income to pay from so they can have a pound a week willingly! No, I've never sent them a SAR as I thought they'd simply reply 'we don't have any info going back that far' or only pick out selected bits of inf
  3. I will try and be succinct, promise! Please ignore issue of eligibility for repayment/compensation, as Lloyds have already accepted this. I initially contacted Lloyds in October '13 asking if I'd had PPI as I simply couldn't remember. That's my bad, I know, but I'm not good now with long term memory. They acknowledged receipt and said they'd look into it and I heard from them on the phone once when they called and asked lots of questions about what my credit card was for, etc. At the end of November with an offer of £630. They said that due to passage of time they no longer had detailed r
  4. Is it only me, or does anyone else think its hilarious that due to the evil ways of Google Ads and the fact that I got a quote recently from a certain company, this page with its somewhat negative view of Hastings Direct has an advert at both the top and bottom of the page for.... Hastings Direct!
  5. Quick update on this bunch of cretins, When the xxxxxxx, oops sorry I meant support staff member, who took the additional fifty quid off me asked for my payment, I gave it begrudgingly and only because I got a specific assurance that this would expedite matters and get me a computer faster than any other method of resolution. The quote that was emailed to me, the invoice that was mailed to me straight after the payment, and the thief herself, ALL said a delivery date of 2nd March. But as I said in my first post, that then slipped to 14th. And today I got a phone call at 7pm from someone who
  6. Lets come in at the top: xxx has taken virtually all the large franchises in the Southend on Sea (Essex) area over the last few years. Well, okay, but of what relevance is this? 2. The technicians do not earn a basic wage.If they find nothing wrong with your car (and they always will find a problem) they do not earn a penny. You're suggesting the repair staff are all commission-based? I have to say I find that unlikely (I'm not suggesting you're not telling the truth, just that I'd be surprised). Anyway, in and of itself there's nothing 'unlawful' about that. 3. Cars a
  7. There is, apparently, no complaint department anywhere in the world for Dell - the website address only gives the phone number for tech support, so I thought I'd express my dissatisfaction about not having someone to send a letter to by plastering it over the internet instead! If you're looking for a horror story on why NOT to buy from Dell, read on... *********** I am writing to formally complain about the extremely poor support I have received at the hands of Dell since purchasing a new laptop from them recently. Dell have consistently failed to meet an acceptable standard of customer se
  8. Add yet another 'me too' to the ever-growing list of people looking for that email address list - couldn't someone who has already received it post it here for everyone to see??!!
  9. (a) You're not going to court, because they won't be stupid enough to issue a claim, (b) if they are that stupid, they won't win because the verbal contract you made with them about the purpose of the downpayment is just as legally binding as if it had been written down and sworn in blood - the only difference is that it's obviously easier to prove a contract when you've got a signed copy of it. And since you don't have a written copy, they don't have a written copy. Which means its your word against theirs. And, in this court, that will then come down to the balance of probabilities, and th
  10. Ah, apologies, I had the impression that they were chasing you not the other way round!
  11. Woah! Back the hell up there - what are you talking about "next time"? You ain't lost this one yet! Just because this little mob decided they'd try the heavy card on you doesn't mean you just roll over for it - if nobody's mentioned what the deposit was for then they've got exactly the same job trying to say what it was for now as you have. Spend ten minutes writing out a polite reply stating that, as per the binding verbal agreement they made with you at the time, you've purchased the materials for the job from the deposit paid, and say that if they n
  12. That looks perfect, perplexity, thank you. I'm not looking for a watertight case for court (I've got enough on my hands with Dell as per another thread), merely an act to mention when asking for a refund of the relatively minor sum involved. This'll do lovely, cheers.
  13. I'm obviously missing something because I can't see why you are working out how you might not have to pay them. Tell them that unless they can show where in the T&C they are allowed to change the currency you'll consider the contract null and void and not pay any further fees to them and invite them to sue if they're convinced they're right?!
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