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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. To answer some questions: The flat is part of a purpose built block but I don;t knwo how old the block is. Our tenancy agreement mentions nothign about the water and the lettings agents have no clue about it and, as I said, we wrote to the landlord but have no reply. If there is a water meter I am unaware of it. We have looked. We do not have gas in the flat. Only electricity and water. Electricty: I have kept all emails from NPower. My last email to them requested my customer number and a way to pay my bill but have had no reply. Curren
  2. Hi, We have been having alot of trouble getting billed properly for our water and electricty in our new flat. We moved in on the 28th of september 2009 and we asked our estate agent who our utilities are with and they informed us not to worry about it as they would sort it out. Three months, no bills, and alot of phone call later and nothign was sorted out. Finally we got them to tell us that they didn't know who our utilities were with but gave us a number to phone to find out (why they didn't say this at the start I'll never know.) Unfortuantly this caused many more problems.
  3. Yes I have read that but still do not quite understand what to do. Basically: do I ignore the unfair deductions and only focus on him not using a tenancy deposit scheme? How much am i claiming back? Espeshially as he has already paid us some of the deposit back but not all. What form do I need ot use and where do I get it from? Also there were four of us in the flat so do we all need to do this or can I do it alone? Also how much will making a claim cost me? I am a student and so may not be able to afford it if it is alot and that would suck!
  4. I was hoping I coudl get some advise regarding my old landlord. We moved out of his property because he was rubbish and are now dealing with many problems regarding the deposit. The first, and perhaps most important problem, is that we have now discovered that he did not place our deposist into a tenancy deposit scheme as required by law. Or if he did at no point did he provide us with any details about it and w eonly disoceverd that he needed to after leaving. This of course led to other problems: the main one being that has taken deposit money unfairly. He has charged us for r
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