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  1. Just resurrecting this thread in the hope there maybe new members who could help. Very happy to work to a Deed of Conditions, but the big problem is the areas covered by the Deeds were never constructed. Just a pointer to a solicitor who is well experienced in this area would be great. Had fingers burnt many times by "experts". Many of the legal profession walk away when they discover the level of the problem.
  2. To complete this thread I would confirm the Aviva online car insurance problem has now been fixed. As from today I can access my car policy and see/print my insurance details
  3. Dave, Thank you for confirming Aviva has a problem with my "My Policy" car insurance web page, it’s not something which can be fixed quickly and is a little more involved. It's surprising it cannot be quickly fixed as this car insurance is a web based policy ! As soon as the problem has been resolved I will update this thread. Regards Xcat
  4. Dave, Thank you for your message. I would confirm my email has been sent to your address noted above with full details of the problem, plus the information you have requested. Regards Xcat
  5. Anyone else got access problems with Aviva web based car insurance ? Been with Aviva for house and car insurance for a few years with access to insurance details through the Aviva "My Policy" web page. Received my car insurance quote by email, logged onto My Policy online to check renewal details, only to find car insurance is missing, but my house insurance is still there. Over past couple of weeks had online chat and two phone calls with four Aviva CSAs, all very helpful but online access problem not resolved and no indication when it will be fixed.... My car insurance is a web based only policy, documents are not normally sent by post.
  6. Finally fixed ! no more configuration messages, a big thanks to deepmeister on.... http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Nokia/Configuration-texts-on-rSAP-disconnect/m-p/1411136/highlight/false#M27976 Received 2400 text messages in about eight months, contacted 14 different Asda Support people and sent two letters. My phone has now been placed on their VDC Blacklist system.
  7. dpick, Thank you for your reply. You will see in my post #20 I am using an app to try block the text messages. The messages are sent in two parts, one with info they are about to sent a setup text and the second part is the setup text. The text headers indicate it is a two part message, marked part one and part two. The apps I have tried can block the first part but not the second. I have contacted a couple of blocker software suppliers/developers, supplied copies of the text messages and headers. Both have confirmed they cannot block the second part of a two part message.
  8. Vodaphone is the source of the problem. I believe Lee already is aware of this. See... http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Nokia/Configuration-texts-on-rSAP-disconnect/m-p/1411136/highlight/false#M27976 I am guessing Lee on the Vodaphone site is the same as here. Since the start of the software change in Vodaphone's system, middle of last year, I have received in excess of 2000 unsolicited text messages from Vodaphone... yes 2000 ! It blocks my phone and makes it very difficult to read valid text messages. Telephone requests and formal letters requesting a stop to the messages are simply ignored. It would seem the only fix for the problem is to move to another provider. I find it difficult to understand why Vodaphone has decided to alienate some of their customers. But from looking at the number of Vodaphone complaints on this site it's not surprising. Another company which does not listen to their customers.
  9. Latest update... Got nowhere from formal complaints to Asda, letters ignored ! Many more people have the same problems.... Checkout.... http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Nokia/Configuration-texts-on-rSAP-disconnect/m-p/1411136/highlight/false#M27976 and http://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/263326-columbus-and-text-messages-on-disconnect/ It looks like I have to change to a different provider. As a temporary measure I have found an App which blocks the first part of the text message, but is unable to block the second part
  10. Latest update to my problem with Asda Mobile. ... No response to my formal letter of complaint. rebel11, thank you for the info. It looks like I will now write to Andy Clarke, Chief Executive, Asda. Some additional info..... I have found a method of logging the number of text messages sent by Asda Mobile to my phone. Since about start of July I have received 366 text messages to date from Asda ! BDI
  11. Rebel11 thank for all your info. Could be regarded as marketing as the info is to setup my phone for additional cost bearing services which I do not need or want ? ..... only 20 Texts received today ! BDI BDI
  12. Locutus, thank you for your reply. Changed sim and phone with no effect. Even accepting the settings makes no difference. BDI BDI
  13. Bang! thank you for your reply. No same sim always used Changed sim to my wife's sim, still the same problem, see my note in my post above regarding rSAP. BDI BDI
  14. Locutus thank you for your reply. "Unsolicted" as I have spoken to nine different CS advisors asking them to stop sending the text messages Yes, I have lodged a formal complaint by letter. I believe the problem is because of a change in the Asda(Vodaphone) network. Been with Asda Mobile for some three years without this problem. Their system is detecting a change of mobile phone when the Bluetooth rSAP system is used.... never a problem in the past. The text message are from Asda Mobile.... confirmed by their CS advisors. BDIBDI BDI
  15. Have been with Asda Mobile since 2009 with no problems. Just over two weeks ago I started receiving text messages from Asda Mobile regarding set up details for Internet and picture messaging. Over the past few days I have had over forty messages. It makes no difference if I accept the settings or not. I have contacted their customer services.... nine people in all. Some advisors have confirmed the sending of set up texts has been disabled.... no effect they still keep on coming. Other advisors have said they cannot stop the text messages and claimed I have a fault with my sim card. Another sim card tried, again still the same problem. I was then asked to reset my phone with no effect. Next they said my phone was faulty and I should return to my supplier. I tried another mobile phone with my sim card and once again the texts are still arriving. I believe the problem is caused by changes Asda Mobile(Vodaphone) have made to their system in the past few weeks. This is causing the setup text messages to be sent out when my phone logs onto their network. My phone connects to my car phone system using Bluetooth rSAP, when I leave my car the Asda network seems to regard my mobile as a new phone logging onto their network and it sends out between two and six text messages each time. Anyone else had the same problem ? BDI BDI
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