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  1. If you read what ChrisB wrote about me, think you'd understand my outrage, saying I am **** of the earth and hoping that I do not sleep at night. Firstly, he knows nothing about me, and at no point did I ever get personal with him. All I have ever given is my opinion, which, seeing as this is a free country, I am entitled to.
  2. Oh dear God Chris, you really got out of bed the wrong side! I would respond in full, but I think most people reading you're thread would realise what an idiot you are. I only wish to respond to one thing. Mortgage brokers have a place in this world. Who else would be able to steer people throught the myriad of products out there and helping clients to choose the correct one. After all, if we were not about, all you would be left is branch based mortgage advisors, who can only ever advise on the products their particular bank can offer. That is not advice, that is just taking someone's order off a menu card. You are such an idiot and I hope you get everything that is coming to you, ie repossession, as you cannot obviously control your own finances. Good night.
  3. Again, I am in 100% agreement with you. Banks are unscrupulous, but again, I and other mortgage brokers cannot do anything about it, as much as you cannot. I just wish people would understand that mortgage brokers, like myself, have literally no control over these charges. If you knew what my daily work life is like, trying to secure lending for people, is like, you would soon realise that I am on the consumers side as much as possible. It is a daily struggle for me too, listening to my clients struggle with what they have and me trying to get a solution for them. It can be heartbreaking (and this is in no way me trying to solicit sympathy) but what can we, as the 'little man' do?
  4. Eagle, I am in 100% agreement with you, the penalty charges levied upon people, particularly those facing hardship, is completely wrong. However, as far as reclaiming or fighting these, I have no further insider information than you have. The only thing I can say is that this situation is currently being reviewed as part of the FSA's Mortgage Review. Whether anything comes of it is another matter. I for one do not think much will be done about it. And one final point, my wages are paid for, in the majority, by my clients for the service I provide. I may receive some commission from lenders for arranging mortgages, but this is not a lot and certainly not enough to live on.
  5. I agree with you totally, that the so-called Banking Code requirement for lenders to be sympathetic is laughable, if not completely and utterly untrue. My father-in-law in is precisely the same situation as you were, so I do understand. I totally disagree with the way that lenders operate. And even more so in the last year or so, ever since we part-nationalised a lot of them, and then still being unwilling to lend. The last year has been an utter slog for me, and I know I may only have been doing this for 8 years, but I know others who have been in the industry far far longer and they too say this is the worst the market conditions have been for lending. What each and every one of you out there forget (and this is partly why I come on here) is that I do not work for the lender, never have and never will. I work 100% independently from them, they are not my pals as you put it. I act in the interest of my clients not the lender. I am constantly fighting with lenders, trying to secure funding for my clients. I am very much on the side of the consumer (again, another reason for being on here). Don't confuse mortgage brokers with lenders, most brokers cannot stand the lenders, especially now. However, when there are so many myths and false impressions of the industry I work in, I would simply like to put people straight with the truth, not just my opinion. Thus, I am not trying to take any kind of moral high ground (unlike many many people here). I am just trying give you facts, that is it, if people don't like it, don't blame me, I did not make up the rules. As far is PPI is concerned, I have no more inside knowledge as you. My opinions on it are formed simply from all the stories that everyone else hears.
  6. With regards to PPI, lets not forget that a lot of people who sold it, were not qualified in anyway. I have never sold it as I do not believe in it.
  7. And before you say anything, I realise I missed out a few words here and there, but I was so outraged by Chris's ignorance I was typing as fast as I could!
  8. Correct, I am a mortgage broker. In response to your threads: 1. A mortgage broker is NOT an unmoralistic occupation. I can reel off a long long long list of testimonials from clients, who have been very happy with the service I have provided throughout the years. There have been many clients how I have managed to help them keep their property, so to call what I do unmoralistic is down-right rude and highly disrepectful. I would not call whatever you do Chris unmoralistic (unless you are a Member of Parliament!), so kindly pay me the same respect. 2. I think this is the perfect forum for me to respond to your threads on as this will provide with the view point of some who deals with mortgages day in day out and therefore have an insiders view, with information that the general public may not have access to. 3. I have never mis-sold a mortgage, I have always said to people, unless they are 100% happy to do the mortgage, I would not me happy to proceed on it. At the end of the day, all I can ever give is advice and recommendations, it is up to the client to make the final decisions. 4. As to my advice and recommendations, since being in this industry since 2001, I have not had ONE complaint lodged against me, for whatever reason, whether it would be for the advice I have given or the service that I have provided. 5. With regards to this thread of interest-only mortgages, I have always explained to people that they should be making provisions in order to repay the mortgage upon the term. Again, it is up to the individual to take my advice, it is not compulsory for them to do so, but them if they do not, then they should not come crying to me if they did not take my advice as given at the outset. Please note, I am 100% upfront with my clients about all aspects of their mortgage. As you can tell from my previous threads, I am not one to mince my words and you can imagine that I am as blunt and forthcoming with my clients as I am in my threads, hence I am still working within the mortgage industry, though thousands of other disreputable brokers are not. It has been the hard times like these that sorts the wheat from the chaff. And lastly, please pay me to respect of spelling my name right, its not hard.
  9. I make you exactly right faith, it was the endowment that was mis-sold, not the mortgage itself. people forget that an endowment mortgage is in fact 2 different products: an interest only mortgage backed with an investment vehicle. Hence, people sued the endowment companies and not the mortgage companies.
  10. If the loan company has a copy of the court order, then they should be chasing him, not your partner. That court order should supersede any terms or conditions of the loan.
  11. Chrisb333: There is a reason for people not wanting to start a campaign against interest only mortgages as opposed to the campaign against PPI. What you are talking about is mis-selling. PPI was mis-sold as no one really understood the terms of the policies and they were generally very baffling. The reason interest only mortgages are different is because they do exactly as says on the tin - they are interest only, not repayment. Anyone who can read would understand that, so how on earth could it be mis-sold, people always realised that they do not actually ever repay the prinicple borrowed. Also, every mortgage offer (post October 2004) states that the borrower should be making arrangements to save in a seperate savings or investment vehicle in order to repay the principle at the term of the mortgage. It was always crystal clear. As for thinking property prices would always rise, more fool you. Ever seen adverts for investments? The value of your investment can go up as well as down. Lets get serious and instead of lashing out and blaming others, take a look at yourself first and think, did I make the right decision, not try and blame someone else for your poor judgements.
  12. I had that email a while back too. Once you break down the jargon, what they are saying is that they are honouring mortgages that have been offered, but not producing anymore offers until Feb 2010. Basically, the German bank that was funding them, have decided to no longer do so. Thus, Beacon are looking for new funding avenues and are managing the little funds they have left. If they have not found a funder by then, then they will be closing their doors to all business.
  13. Beacon are probably not taking your admin fee as they know that no mortgage offers will be produced until February 2010. However, I would still expect them to be able to process your application in the meantime regardless.
  14. If your buyer is using Beacon, my guess is that it is because no one else will lend to them due to adverse credit. And unfortunately, they will not produce any more mortgage offers until at least Feb 2010, so completion will not happen until at least March of next year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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