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  1. I was "cold called" by someone from Redress Claims saying that my credit card balance could be paid off due to the ban increasing my limit without my asking and sending no agreement form. Has anyone had any dealings with them before and what was your experience with them. Thanks
  2. After the first letter requesting info from the registered keeper asking for information regarding who was driving the car (which they have no authority to request anyway), subsequent letters jump to the conclusion that it was the registered keeper responsible. They must prove you were driving the car. They cannot do this unless you tell them. What I'm trying to say is, without any substantive evidence that you were the driver, taking such a wishy washy claim to civil court would fail. They know this and the cost that it would involve and they would most likely lose due to the ridiculous penalty sum they ask for anyway! They play the odds and unfortunately, many people worry and pay the demand. For the cost of 6 stamps, if they can scare you into paying their demand, they've made a very very tidy profit.
  3. I got 6 letters in total, 3 from Athena and another 3 from LRC (in other words, Athena changing the letter font and colour). Not heard anything for couple of months now. Took my advice from others on this very useful consumer forum and ignored. It is a [problem] and the DVLA should be ashamed for selling our private details on to private companies like these.
  4. Well the LRC legal recoveries letter arrived. As Greenabee18 pointed out, no signature and the content seems to suggest that I was the driver at the alleged time. They are just making things up now. I wonder what the actual percentage is of folk being duped by this [problem]??
  5. Not heard anything since the 3rd letter was sent in December 2009 (which I didn't even bother opening which is my policy for junk mail).
  6. Brown envelope = This is not a circular = shredder
  7. And they haven't even established who the driver of the vehicle was yet? Very presumptious eh! I received my first final reminder today seem to be exactly one step behind you! Did they also threaten to send the kitchen sink around as well as they seem to have threatened you with everything else
  8. I went down to the carpark the other day to read their sign. They claim to give all parking charges to charity. Can't really see them making any money doing that. Sounds all very ropey. The sign also says that by parking in their carpark you agree to enter into an agreement that you pay the fine etc if you overstay. Thing is, if you haven't read the sign, then you haven't entered into any agreement at all. Its very wishy washy. They play the odds and will always get someone to pay the fine. Now spoken to quite a few folk who have had similar. These company's know they have no power whatsoever to request drivers details and the cost of taking anyone to the small claims court isn't really worth it as they could never prove who was driving the car and technically responsible.
  9. I have also received one of these dodgy looking letters from Athena ANPR re parking in a Lidl carpark (where I actually did some shopping in Lidl) and will not be engaging in any correspondence with them after reading the various helpful threads regarding this company. From the wording on their letter, they state the following: Because of CCTV evidence, there is "reasonable cause to believe" a contravention of their terms has ocurred. Either it has or it hasn't!! Additionally it goes on to state that the notice has been issued for the "alleged" parking contravention. It's like a fishing trip for the unsuspecting to fill in the blanks for them. Thankfully there is no legal obligation to furnish them with any details whatsoever and given the ridiculous sum of £90 requested by them, its borderline fraud akin to a bogus workman charging way over the odds. Mind you, if they get £45 from someone, it's an excellent earner for them minus just the cost of a stamp and the £2.50 paid to DVLA for selling our private information on!! Right where's my shredder! Good luck to those in the same position and may your resolve hold.
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