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  1. Am not being rude. But why should it cost me to return it?
  2. Its a partial refund if i keep one sent. It will not go back in packaging it came in without damage.
  3. Sadly not a viable option
  4. Not sure if i am in the right place.....so apologies if i am wrong. Is anyone able to help with a query? I bought an item, they sent wrong one. When questioned they were rude then when evidence produced....so nice. I was given 2 options, original order or keep one sent and they will part refund. Now they saying they will send a pre paid label and to drop off for hermes collection. 1 i have no printer 2 there is no way item will go back in packaging as it was squeezed in. They are yet to reply to my reply, just wondered if anyone knew my rights as it was their mistake, oh and arrived a day late
  5. Morning. Am sorry if i have posted in wrong thread. How do i make an official complaint about a car sale? Spoke with Finance company saturday, they spoke to garage....finance all confirmed sat. Problem started sun when they sent invoice back blurry, had to wait til mon.....took their time to re send. Tuesday i got told they are now waiting on security compliance check (which can take 72 hours). Wed comes.....get told everything is done. Ring dealer and arrange collection. Ring dealer....sounded like a lil 12yr.....who simply stated....cant release car til tuesday...when asked why...they like to mot (was done 30 april 2018) so then said we dont have a v5 so you cant have it until that comes back....so you cant tax it. They never once told finance company this issue regarding v5. Think they are now going to purposely make me wait until tuesday....in meantime i have taken a week of work to sort this. Finance company have dealt with this dealer before with no issues....i feel it is because the main dealer is on holiday they are being awkward. Is there anyone in specific i can raise an official complaint to about the dealer? Caused so much inconvience and stress. Sorry for rant.
  6. My dad was parked on our high street for around 15 mins and was issued a ticket for not displaying a Disc. The cobbles where he was parked are not owned by the local authority but Lord Gisborough. The parking ticket is printed but has no signature or initials of warden who issued it. I know of 2 people inc lady gisborough who never had to pay. Just after some advice really on whether it worth appealing Abi xx
  7. I have to answer witheld incase its my nan or work
  8. Sly bu**ers have just rang me again from a witheld number and told me not to ignore calls. I told them not to contact me via phone again and they said legally madam we can. I told them I wasn't continuing with call and that I have already sent a letter to head office re issue. She was very bullish as well so just put phone down? Can I do and say that?
  9. Thank you so much for help. I'll get on with it tonight and tomorrow.
  10. Am onto it. Still need to fight 3 until sorted grr Thanks again
  11. It was done through my Internet banking they say
  12. On phone to bank now they are unsure but direct debit was cancelled along with some others. They investigating. I've got a letter off template section to send to them Thank you
  13. Sorry if this is posted in wrong section, I've just received a call off debt collection for 3. They state my account has been in arrears for 3mths. However I've never received correspondence or calls in relation to it. They said I'm ignoring them. I'm not. I've offered to pay full balance on the last working day of month but yhey demanded 25% of outstanding bill yo be able to do that. They then offered me to pay £5 and they'll give me 3 days to get rest. I've never been notified as I normally pay by direct debit and neither 3 or bank have informed me of any problems. Both agent and manager were extremely rude and very unhelpful and I've now been threatened with cancellation fee of over £300! Please help what can I do as can't clear balance until I get paid. I'm shocked
  14. Abi82

    licence revoked

    Hiya thanks. They sent licence off points have been added but he didnt pay the fine side
  15. Abi82

    licence revoked

    Can dvla/police revoke a driving licence for what appears to be no reason My colleague seems to think as they took points for speeding but never paid fine that their licence has been revoked. Police said it was revoked but not sure if he was just being a tool
  16. There has been a ticket rescinded this morning for a work colleague. Time to ring them x
  17. Thanks for help/info so far, will keep you updated. Just had read of back of Parking Charge hehe so funny, will post copy when I can
  18. No as she didnt pursue it. I would have challenged it. I've not spoken to LDK Group, Just the land owner Mandale Properties, to which 6 of us at work have rang Mandale. Wonder if I could counter attack them by claiming theft against them, as I never got money back.
  19. Ok little update, have been in touch with the land owner, Mandale Group, who state they have had lots of issues. My details have been passed over. she wasnt inpressed when I asked under the freedom of information act a copy of all complaints, appeals and audits of machines and tickets, she advised it was LDK Group who would provide this, I explained he said it was them! He said all he does is ticket, thats all. Madale stated that LDK run the whole car park including maintenance of machines etc. I'll await further correspondance from them, but I am not paying it!!!! I have proof on my call log I rang them (though never managed to speak to anyone as it was engaged for 20 mins, hmm I wonder why lol )
  20. and...................................there is 17 cars with tickets!! Been over to see the little toerag, and he tried bamboozling me with "tech talk" the best was a woman who gave him his ticket back! If we appeal and prove we rang them this morning he stated the ticket would be squashed, hmm trust that about as far as I could throw a boulder! Dont fancy my chances..........time to be strong again! and ignore all correspondance. A colleague has informed me she ignored all correspondance, changed her car and they clamped her!!!!!!!
  21. I would never pay it! Scheming lil ****s, keep looking out window to see if my little car has any notices on it yet. I have a Private Property Notice displayed too which says: Any man,woman or corporation attaching anything (including but not limited to, clamps, PCNs,and other notices) to this vehicle (or any part of this vehicle) without prior written, specific and signed consent from Registered Keeper will have it removed forcefully, and incur an immediate fee for removal of £500 payable within 24 hours. Plus an additional £200 for everyday the fee is not paid. The removal of this vehicle from its location is charged at £500, plus £200 for everyday it is not returned. By attaching anythis to this vehicle (or any part of this vehicle), or by removing this vehicle you agree to the above terms and conditions. It's going to be a long day.
  22. Morning, Sorry if I have started this thread in wrong section. I'm just after some advice regarding payment for a parking ticket. Basically we have 2 car parks opposite work, which the land is owned by Mandale Properties and ran by LDK Group. There has been issues with the parking machines either not accepting money or taking money and not giving a ticket to display in windscreen. When the issue first happened we rang them and were given a reference number to display in windscreen. when the said issue happened again, the office manager at LDK Group was rather rude and accused people of lying so ref numbers are no longer given! You have to pay again (in the machine in other car park - which are just as tempremental!) and they will give you a "days free parking" once the machine has been checked (audited, i'm assuming). When asked if she was sending someone out now, she said No, they are on a rota and will come when they are due. I am still waiting for £8 from them. I, along with a few others have put notes in our windscreens, stating time parked and fee paid, whilst others (assuming fearful of getting a ticket have paid again!) My query is, surely they should be maintaining these machines to prevent this from happening and can they legally make you pay twice when the "promise" of a refund doesnt appear. They have now not answered any of my queries when I challenged them. Am sat at work now waiting for a parking charge to be attached to my windscreen. (ooo best part is they take photos of your car on a mobile phone lol) thanks x
  23. Thanks, support and advice appreciated, drink went down well, its been 2 years now can't see them moving on xx
  24. My main issue on this is I have never had 1 ticket let alone 2 tickets on my car, all I have received are letters x
  25. Ignore ignore ignore? Find it amusing it has done full circle and come back to ldk group xx
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