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  1. Hello all. Would be very garteful for some advice please. I have been sent a letter by Debt Recovery Plus acting on behalf of NCP for a so called parking infringement in June 2018. Looking back in my emails I thought the matter had been dismissed by NCP as I explained that it wasn't possible for all four wheels of my car to be within the marked bay as this was the last space available and the way other cars had parked it was impossible for me to park 100% correctly and get out of my car when parking. I also recall, perhaps incorrectly, that PCN's issued for NCP parking on railway car parks are unenforceable but this may be incorrect. Debt recovery plus also state that I have ignored the previous letters - although I have never received any before now - and state the cost has now risen to £135 as I have 'missed 5 payment deadlines' already! Finally, is there a time limit on when the so called infringement took place and the 'debt' being called in now? Seems unreasonable to me for it to take 2 and a half years. Thanks in advance for any guidance on this matter and in the mantime, a Merry and safe Christmas to all.
  2. Oh. That's great thanks. Just to recap on an earlier query. This leter should be sent back to MBNA and not to, or copied to, Santander?
  3. Hi ims. Have had a browse around for a failed sar letter but not sure where to find it - perhaps it has a different name? Would you mind sending me alink for it please? Thanks
  4. Thanks Nimmynim. Very interesting to see you've been in a similar position to me regarding this 'Abbey' card. I'd be very interested to maintain contact regarding progress you make? Would that be OK via PM? Regarding the issue with MBNA/Santander and whom accepts responsibility, would other board CAG members have views on this? IMS: You mention sending the failed SAR letter. Are you suggesting this is sent back to MBNA or Santander, ref above situation post from Nimmynim? Thanks to all
  5. Hi. The only information I have received from them is some rather garbled notes from their end detailing salient points when they had contact with me and I with them. No acct balances, no ppi payments, no financial information at all. All in all pretty unsatisfactory and so, as a result, not sure what to do about it now, nor whom I should be communicating with. FYI: The account is now settled and subsequently closed but I still feel that i was certainly mis-sold PPI from the original card issuer, Ab Nat. Thank you
  6. I sent an SAR to MBNA for an Abbey Card that they owned. Their reply... 'Please be aware that due to archival retrieval issues at Abbey we are unable to provide a copy of your credit agreement. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.' They then refer me to Experian/Equifax etc.!!?? That letter cost me £10:???: So, do I have to put up with the pathetic response from MBNA - should I try again with them - or shall I write to Santander as the card was an Abbey national card before it was bought by MBNA? Possibly call FOS? Thank you.
  7. Oh. I didn't know that Barclays had taken them over. Must admit I'm still a bit confused about it all really. To recap, I've already sent in my SAR to MBNA with a very poor response from them - although surely they should have some data. Then I have Santander I could also SAR and finally Barclays too. Do Abbey national still have a department handling such requests ( know they are now part of Santander, but wondered if they were compelled in law to retain a dept. to handle PPI claims) Thanks again.
  8. Hmmm. Perhaps they have also discontinued all Abbey cards too.
  9. Hi. Yes, my full name, address details and account number which was valid at the time of the SAR + the acct number - which differed slightly - from the old Abbey National statements I have to hand. The name and adress details had never changed in all the time I had the various cards/accts which of course differed over the years due to changes of 'ownership'. Thanks
  10. Hmmm. I wondered if this would be the case. Did the Abbey National acct become the Abbey acct then? I guess it must have done as the balance from Ab Nat rolled over into the 'new' Abbey card acct. If tghis was the case, then shouldn't MBNA (Abbey) still have relevant records? i don't understand why they wouldn't be able to retrieve them. I wonder if I did raise an SAR to Santander, if they would say the same? The 'fog' is beginning to clear a little here. Ref the link with MBNA, all I can add is that the new statements had a greaan 'Abbey' logo on them, but the correspondence address is in Chester and the style of the statement is obviously in the MBNA format. Tks
  11. Hi. I guess the acct was cleared about 12 months ago now. The PPI claim route is valid for 6 years isn't it? The same time they must retain records for?
  12. Hello all. I wonder if someonce could throw a bit of light on the following please? I've put the word 'Abbey' in inverted comma's as I'm not 100% certain if that is what it is. Read on.... Years ago I had an N&P credit card, which subsequently was bought over by Abbey National (I think). This account with Abbey National was then subsequently, either taken over by MBNA or just administered by them. I have written to MBNA with an SAR and they have responded, advising that they have too few records for them to be able to more adequatey respond. So, my query is, was the MBNA 'Abbey' card acct the same account as the preceding Abbey National card and earlier still, the N&P card acct? Who should I write to with my SAR request? I should have thought that all my records would have automatically been sent to the new account administers, but taking MBNA at their word - perhaps not. Should I write to Santander? Even N&P if they are stil about. Edit: Was it and N&P card? Now not so sure. Their logo was a yellow beehive thogu. That I do recall.. As you can see, not a simple case, but one which I intend to pursue with assistance from CAG, if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any advice given - it is appreiated. I'll also commit to keeping this thread up to date with any progress I make for the benefit of others. Thansk again to all lifeboat
  13. Hi and thanks for the prompt replies. Yes, the acct is still open and has an outstanding balance of less than £100. I've been tempted to pay it off but had second thoughts on this as they may then 'lose' all the info they had. 2006-2011 = 5 years of course. Does that mean that 'Abbey' must still hold relevant data? If so, how can I obtain it and can anyone advise the relevant contact details? I intend to write back to MBNA as it's clear that they haven't provided all information I requested and hope they respond with more clarity next time. I understand that this is not a straight forward case but I do want to pursue MBNA/Abbey/N&P. Tks for any advice. Paul
  14. Hi. I have an 'Abbey Card', that is administered by MBNA. The card was originally issued by N&P if I recall correctly, which was then transferred to Abbey National, who then transfrerred it to MBNA in 2006. I sent in an SAR in April, with a focus on PPI. Yestyerday, I received a package from MBNA, which showed 'the personal details' we hold for you on this acct. It also apologised that due to 'archive retrieval issues', they were unable to provide a copy of my credit agreement. When leafing through the document they did send, it consisted of just a communications log print out. No account information, no balances, no PPI payments etc. I know that MBNA do produce much more comprehenisve data than this as I claimed succesfully on an alternative acct with them for PPI mis selling and the info they sent me was far more comprehensive. On eventually managing to speak with their custoimer services yesterday, I was told that if they had cashed the £10 chq - which they have- then they are legally obliged to send everything they have. I'm not conviced they have done this and I was advised that I could not speak to anyone in 'customer advocacy' - only that I could write in and query it. A further query I have is, how can I contact 'Abbey National' or even N&P? Aren't card acct administrators obliged to hold all relevant data? What happens if the card is administered by three different orgainsations, as in my case? Don't all the files just get sent on to the next company? I'm confused by all this mess and not at all sure where to turn next? FSA perhaps? It would be helpful to know what obligations the three organisations had when transferring my business - if any. Thanks in advance for any guidance. Paul
  15. Hi and thanks to all the posters who have been so kind as to provide advice so willingly. I do appreciate it. I am now seriously considering taking this matter to the FOS but would appreciate any advice from previous claimants as to how the process works, where do I get any relevant forms from, supporting evidence requirements, time taken to decision etc. Thanks again to all. lifeboat
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