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  1. Received a letter today from 1st credit, asking me if I am the person on the letter to contact them? It also states if I do not contact them within 10 days they will assume I am the the person on the letter? what do I do? Thanks forum
  2. One more thing that is on my mind is if the bailiffs bring a van can they add that to the charges, bear in mind that at no time have they been in or invited into my property, nor has anything been signed by me or anyone else. But the council have said the bailiffs will keep on comming & adding costs including a van which I will have to pay for, How & where do I stand.. Thanks folkes.
  3. I am still having problems with Jacobs, they say they will only accept installments when they gain entry,I told them that on no account am I going to let them in. As they now won't set up installment payments I am now going to ask the council yet again to take back the debt. Up to now they say they won't do that, any ideas anyone? Also does anybody know how long it usualy takes before they hand back the debt to the council? All help on this matter is well appreciated.
  4. If there was two outstanding council tax bills can they charge two lots of fees even though they were in the same enverlope?
  5. TNX once again fairPlay The main issue I am trying to get over is,even when I do start to pay the council this will not stop the bailiff coming & levying my car which is my greatest worry. I have contacted the council & they said they wont have any dealings with me & I must go through the bailiffs. Any advice would be most appreciated & once again many tnx,s
  6. TNX for your reply FairPlay but if i am to start paying the council by standing order then what happens with Jacobs? Up to now I have had 2 letters dropped through the door. On no account have I come face to face with the bailiff yet. I have tried to settle a monthly payment with him only over the phone but to no avail. Also with the manager of jacobs. Theese people just dont seem to want to listen to anybody but themselves.:mad:
  7. Yes it is council tax,but the council tax office say they will not accept my offer of payment as it is in the hands of Jacobs, now what can i do.
  8. Hi everyone .. can anyone help? I am having trouble with Jacobs Bailiffs, who are arrogant and unsympathetic. I have just been charged for a second letter which didn't need to be posted as I was trying to negotiate a payment plan for council tax owed from 2008. I rang their office and made an offer of £10 per week which they said would be ok. They told me to ring the bailiff and tell him. He said he would have to phone his supervisor and get back to me, he wouldn't say when. Since reading some of the threads on here I see some people are bypassing bailiffs and making payments direct to the cou
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