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  1. can i point out also LL is friends with our neighbours next door so im sure things get reported back the minute we sneeze
  2. hi il try and keep it short and quick, basically we have lived in a property for over 3 years going through a LA, we found out 2 years ago we were eligible towards help with the rent via housing benefit, (husband works full time) as we have 5 children, anyway this was fine with LA and they suggested "top ups" every month to cover shortfall in rent. as housing benefit was paid every 4 weeks and i paid a top up every month suggested that they would get an extra payment each month, however, a couple of times last year i was unable tomake the full top up, by a certain date as i have an ill son in
  3. council agree with rossers thats my problem lol, basically i tried backdating it for 3 months and i appealed on the grounds of my depression and money and that sort of thing but they retaliated by saying my husband wasnt so he would have been of clear mind to claim prior to finding out so that was a no go and to be honest just was happy to get any help
  4. yes i will be doing in full next week wanted to pay it off then reclaim i think its totally different story when ur backs against the wall i now get full ct relief due to not knowing certain benefits were not classed as income ie dla and child benefit so my pcn and her team looked into it for me and found out we qualified, if only i has known this for 09/10 tax year wouldnt have had this problem
  5. PD as it stood 2 weeks ago i owd £567.00 i paid off £400 then and there as i said i wouldnt pay rossers fees because i am querying them and i wanted the liabilty cleared,... whilst i was paying i had an unfortunate dealing with a council worker who said some not so nice things i made a complaint about him and i got to have a meeting with top dog of council where i gave a statement in this meeting because of the seriousness of my complaint they tried to come to a comprimise they offered to pay off £100 off the £167 remaining. so as of last week i have a ct liabilty/demand thingy saying i owe £6
  6. i could be wrong but i dint think you could add more items to an already established levy?? someone correct me if i am wrong... iok so this raises another query they have just admitted first call bailiff generally doesnt do a mine sweep of the house and everything is done in the one room where discussions are being taken place so they more or less have stated he didnt clap his eyes on anything and i could have listed a whole load of tosh that i dont actually own
  7. PT you had me roling l on the floor laughing haha did you note the typist wasnt that great either (was typed word for word by me) on one part they put 25th nov 2011, i didnt invite the bailiff to stop for over an hour in fact she wasnt here 30 mins because she was stopping me from picking my kids up from school (which i now understand as another bailiff ploy) pity the last "2nd tier enforcement agents" memory is that poor whens shes adding ficticious fees on to her account, i have of course asked for this to be esculated to level 2 complaints proceedure where im sure Lynda la plant will be
  8. hi all an update i complained to rossers and this is the response i recieved good reading in my opinion YOUR COMPLAINT Having read your complaint, i have highlighted the issues i believe you would like us to investigate.. 1. You state the levy is invalid 2. You state the visit on the 12th february 2010 was a fee gaining exercise 2. You state a waiting fee cannot be charged. 4. You state the bailiff humiliated you in front of neighbours 5. You state the bailiff did not withdraw from the property even though the company was aware of a vunerable status within the household.
  9. hi all i had a loan out on my car with the above, i had to extend it for a third time, but on the third time round i managed to clear all debt with them thus returning the ownership back to me, log book and m.o.t returned, but the way i was treated throughout the loan period just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, i recieved a letter form them stating all paid off in full and will be taken of the hpi register, now my questions are that i still wish to see if the b.o.s was valid? i no i am retaliating after the event but im intrigued to see if it was all above board fighting fire with fire if
  10. seems that way you have actually put it in a very good way il approach the council monday and put it forward that only were they trying to rip me off but the council again tut tut cheers pimpernel:jaw:
  11. well im going to enjoy my weekend knowing i have the upper hand on the council and rotters as now i call them lol then full steam ahead monday thanks everyone
  12. well i thought i was strange coz i sat there and said so basically your telling me other than the guidlelines they can charge whatever they want and she said yes lol, she even said your husband is not vunerable thats why they came... my answer what twice?? so i laid it down that the "household" is vunerable and she went aah yes thats where the confusion come from???? ah well anyway ive sent an email off to rossers entailing invalid levy etc etc because the bailiff only levied to seek financial gain for himself and company, given them 7 days to refund or threatened to file a regulation 46 compl
  13. update... just got back from the council to give my statement regarding said council employee and his work ethics.. and apparantly its a very serious matter and will be dealt with accordingly, then a helpful lady head of revenues came and sat with me and went through the account... the council have already paid the bailiff fees as i feared rossers invoiced them and council have paid.. However they want a comprimise and want me to pay half towards and they will swallow half of the costs, i basically said i will go away and have a think.. basically she was telling me there are guidelines in
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