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  1. We took out a mortgage with the one account several years ago with an agreed facility, but we have recently been notified that this amount has been reduced and that we have now borrowed over the amount of the facility we agreed with them - at no time have we agreed to a reduction in the facility, on the contrary, we have written to them pointing out the originally agreed facility. We have now received a letter from them stating that "if our balance continues to exceed our facility they may need to charge for payments we make over our facility and in some cases return them unpaid, in both cases there will be a charge of £15 for each payment-made or returned"Are Virginone entitled to make an unnegotiated reduction in the originally agreed facility?Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Can anyone tell me if a pedestrian zone must have the correct start and finish signs at each end of the zone? I have recently received a pcn for driving in a pedestrian zone, I must confess I was hopelessly lost in Harrow town centre and started down the pedestrian zone, and once I had started there was an immediate no U tuen sign, so I could not correct my mistake, however, when I returned to the area to look at the signs in more detail, I noticed that the pedestrian zone start sign was only at one end of the street, whereas the finish sign was at both ends. Anyone got any ideas on this?
  3. I have an IVA that finishes in January. I have one creditor that, for the duration of the agreement, has instructed a different collection agent each year. So far, I have directed them to my supervisor and nothing more has been heard from the agent, but I am wondering what I should do next year when I do not have this option, should I ignore the next one to write?
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