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  1. Thank you ericsbrother, you make a good point. I will have to hang on for another six months altho even havung to recall info in a year's time will be a challenge as my medical condition affects my memory!
  2. Thank you for doing that, really helpful. I shall do as you say! Both were ANPR not windscreen tickets.
  3. Is there something about these companies needing to wait 28 days to send a notice to you, if it is earlier then DVLA are in the wrong re some data protection thing? I certainly received my notices before 28 days.
  4. Thank you silverfox1961. I did ignore the letters - I rang McD when I continued getting letters (despite having gone in and spoken to the manager who agreed to cancel) and was told they'd email the company but didn't know what else to do as they had no contact number. After that I had no more letters. Euro car parks said my entry time was 13.10 and exit 1431. So 20 mins over, not 10 as I had recalled.
  5. Thanks gregs07. i wish I hadn't asked now! I assumed if nothing heard within 6 months I'd be in the clear. A bit like the Police having 6 months to serve you with a notice for a driving thing..
  6. Hello, I wondered if anyone knows how long MET and euro car parks have to take you to court once all letters have been ignored by the motorist? I received a euro car parks ticket for an incident on 5/9/15 when I had sat in the car for 10 mins or so as I was not feeling well (I have a medical condition). My ticket was for staying longer than than the hour's ticket I paid for by that 10 minutes. I ignored all the letters, the last being on 31/12/15 from their debt company giving me a' last chance to pay to avoid court proceedings'. I also received a MET ticket for an incident on 12/9/15
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