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  1. Hey dx, Thanks for the reply, I read some threads in here but i feel that many of them end up with the thread poster not replying how the things actually went afterwards.
  2. Hello everyone in the forum, First are foremost, thanks for accepting me as a member So i'll give you some background information: Was allegedly caught doing something illegal from B&Q with another lad, whom is also 16yrs old. Have no previous criminal/repromand records, but he has had a repromand before. The secruity came before we could leave the store and asked us to go into a small room. Here they gave us a banning slip, & called the police. We were both taken by police and was then interviewed. We was told we would have to go down the station a day later to get a conviction. The next day i went down there & the receptionist told me that our appointment had been cancelled and that the police officer would ring up and re-appoint it. Since then i havn't heard anything from the police. We have now had a letter from RLP come through saying i owe £187.50 1, Value of un-recorved goods : £0 2, Staff/Management time investigating with incident : £112.50 3, Administration costs resulting from your wrongful actions : £33.75 4, Apportioned secruity & surviellence costs : £41.25 How should i go about this? Thanks for all advise.
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