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  1. Thank you for your advice re openining a new account, i will get onto this straight away. I am struggling to find any info on that web page link you sent me re bank arrestment. Can you just briefly explain to me how it works. Ie does the bank freeze all of your money in the account or just a % like a wage arrestment?? Thanks
  2. To cut a long story short, live with my girlfriend, she legally owned our old house, we fell behind with morgage payments, before the bank had time to re-possess we moved out, re-possession went through in May 09 (we moved out October 08) , since then the bank have been trying to sell the house so not heard much from them. Received a letter today saying there is a shortfall on the mortgage of £17k, they are looking for their money as the house has now been sold. However, my girlfriend already has her wages arrested for Council Tax, the solicitor dealing with the mortgage shortfal
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