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  1. If I were to ask back all the interest and charges I paid on that account, I know I would probably get a couple of thousand back. However, my problem with them and the reason I did attend court is because of the way they treated me. I did have products of them, and still owed them money, so I am contented with the result, and I do not want to be too greedy, so I think I will leave it at that.
  2. what do you mean? If you mean court costs, it was Next that paid because they started the claim
  3. Thank you, I still can't believe it myself. Now I'll just have to make sure they remove the debt from my credit report, unless of course they do it themselves now.
  4. Today was the day!!!! Let me just say that I WON !!!!!!!!!!! Next's claim was struck out!!!! The words are still echoing in my ears. I had been so worried and I hadn't been able to sleep well. Today I went into court hoping things would go my way, but I thought seeing as it's me things will DEFINITELY go wrong. The judge asked me why I thought asking for my CCA would help. So I said that in the unsigned one they had sent me, it said that according with the credit act of 74, I have rights. The judge then asked them, since my defence was that I hadn't received my CCA, where it was. T
  5. and I had been making payments until I was late with one in January
  6. I contacted Next and arranged to pay £60 a month, until I cleared it.
  7. I am quite sure I wasn't sent a default notice. I was however on a payment arrangement scheme, and when I contacted Next and pleaded with them to take my payment, they said that my account had been transferred to Lewis Collection Agency, and then I received a letter from Howard Cohen and co, a notice of pending legal action, unless I paid them the whole amount. Then I asked them for my cca and I am still waiting. Next is named as the claimant
  8. I have just checked my credit report, and Next is there as defaulted account 2012. What do I do now?
  9. No I haven't got the statements, mainly because they didn't send me my agreement so I thought that would be enough. I have not asked for their charges because I didn't have that many. I owe them about £700. I last used the account about 2 years ago, and had been paying ever since to clear it, but because I was late 7 days, they took it to court. I have not checked my CRA account, what happens if this shows? What do I do then?
  10. Thank you for you replies. I am quite stressed about this, I wonder whether they' ll let this actually go to court or they may give up. If the judge in court asks me about me owing Next money, what do I say? I haven't denied I owe them the money, but what can I say? Do I just say that I am still waiting for my signed cca agreement? I hope I don't have to say anything !
  11. I have had a copy of their documents which they are going to present in court next month. Within the documents it basically says that I received goods off them online and I still owe them the money. Also they have a witness, a litigation assistant. They also say that they sent an unsigned credit agreement because such requests only refer to running-credit accounts, and because mine wasn't they don't have to send it to me.
  12. Isn't it too late now? The hearing is set and I have sent the docs already. Would I have to start a new claim? Should I treat it as a separate case? Sorry I keep asking, I'm useless with things like this.
  13. Isn't it too late now? The hearing is set and I have sent the docs already. Would I have to start a new claim?
  14. The account is around 10 years old. I have had charges for late payments, but I am not claiming those back.
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