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  1. Hi Ghostdebt Just seen the letter you received back!! How can they apply for a charge against your property when the debt isnt secured!! I sent Tesco a dispute letter as they couldnt provide a contract for my mums c/card, but got a letter back saying pay or else!! Just working out my next move!!!
  2. sedgwick


    Hi Thank you for your reply. I sent a cca 1st before the SAR .. but all they sent back was a letter with no contract signed by me ... but as they are allowed to send a copy with your signature omitted, I thought I better send a SAR to get all info .... I just don't know where to go with this next ...
  3. sedgwick


    Hi I sent Barclaycard a SAR and have just received back some info in the post, but there is still no contract. I have now defaulted on my account as I am in financial problems and wondered what to do next ...how can I find out if they have a contract!! I have offered a token payment of £1 but havent heard back yet ... very confused on what to do!! Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks
  4. I will scan the info up asap .. thank you for looking and helping!!
  5. Hi If anyone could help I would really appreciate some guidance!! I sent a request to Barclaycard for a copy of my agreement and all I got back was a copy of this and the standard letter stating thats all they needed to provide me with by law. I have sent a subject access request and paid £10 standing order to get this. Today all I received back was pages of statements and again no signed copy of my agreement!! What should I do next ...as I don't know what avenue to go down next to try and get my agreement, if they have it!!! I am still paying the monthly payments so I am not in default as yet!!
  6. thanks for the advice ... maybe a silly question but whay do you need to keep all the envelopes etc!! I hope you get on ok ... can't believe they are taking you to court and they only have a reply card. I haven't defaulted yet .. so going to get as much info as possible ... keep us posted on your case .. best of luck!!
  7. thanks for all the advice .. think I will send for subject access report .. just to make sure ... then if still nothing valid .. then I will feel happier!! will let you know how I get on!!
  8. I would probably leave it until you hear from them again ...I have been reading a lot of threads on here ..... so many people are saying leave alone if they have gone quiet .. at the end of the day they haven't got an agreement so they can't do anything!! best of luck
  9. I am trying to find out if they have a proper agreement or just this rapid reply card ... also can they use this rapid reply card to enforce debt!! I have sent a dispute letter but they have come back with the application form that was signed is good enough!! just wanted to know what to do next!! thanks
  10. Hi I have been following your thread with great interest as I am having problems with Tesco!! Have you heard anything back from Triton since your last letter?
  11. How did your case end up .. I have just started dealing with them .. like you they didn't have an agreement for my mum .. but said debt was enforceable as they have personal info etc? thanks
  12. Hi Wondering if anyone else is dealing with John Lewis at the moment. I have sent them a request for my mums cca and received a letter back stating that they didn't have it, but the debt is forceable as they have all my mums personal info and date when she opened the account etc. I sent a letter of dispute as no agreement. I have now received a letter back from their compliance manager stating the following. 'Having given careful consideration to all the information available, I write to advise that I unable to uphold your complaint and have summarised below the basis on which I have made my decision. I understand that John Lewis financial services has been unable to supply you with a copy of thier legal agreement, you feel the debt on the above account is unenforceable. Under CCA section 77/78 we provided you with the following: A copy of our latest T&C's A copy of what was signed - there was nothing sent that was signed Whilst JLFS has been unable to provide you with a copy of the legal agreement, I can confirm the above account was opened on ........ and is held in your name ........ In addition JLFS holds personal details which were supplied by you upon application, such as date of birth, employment details. Whilst Monthly payments to your account have not been maintained in line with the terms and conditions, the payments that have been received, have been submitted by you and therefore it is reasonable to conclude that you are aware of and acknowledge this debt. In summary, upon reviewing the account history, our records confirm you have conducted the above account in a way that suggests that you have a relationship with the bank. In view of this JLFS holds you liable for the outstanding balance on the above account. Then it goes on to say about no further correspondence will be entered into regarding matter unless it is from FOS. Any advice?
  13. The balance on the account is £3317.99 .. and up to date. The rapid reply card is dated the 12/01/2005. Monument closed the account due to a review of their lending policy, and with particular consideration to the economic climate made the desision to close the account and gave 30 days notice. thanks
  14. Hi I don't know if I have posted this in the correct place but I am hoping for some advice!! I sent a request to monument for a copy of my credit agreement but received back a rapid reply card that was used to apply for the card. I then sent them a letter putting the account in dispute. I have today received a letter from monument saying ' Final Response' they state the investigation in to my complaint has been completed. They are saying that section 78 does not require them to provide me with an exact copy or photocopy of the agreement I signed. They then go on to say what section 78 does require them to do!! Then they say please allow me to take the opportunity to clarify how this agreement came into affect. 'You may recall having completed an application form to accept, confirm you have read and agreed to be bound by the agreement's financial and related terms occompanied together with the full terms and conditions. Upon receipt of your app form & successful acceptance by the business of your application for a monument visa card, you were issued with a further copy of the agreements' terms and conditions along with a visa card and pin. Dependent upon subsequent card usage, statements would normally have been issued to you on a monthly basis along with any associated notice of variation should the terms and conditions of the agreement have been amended since the application. Then they say there is no dispute and if I don't pay they will refer me to their legal dept!! Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks
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