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  1. all depends on NHS service with regard to duration of Occupational sick pay same with notice when employment is terminated if OH are saying there is not a relaistic chance of her retruning to an RN role within the foreseeable the employer would move to dismiss on capability grounds. redeployment is not an option, however alternative employment in different role with the organisation may be an option i would also suggest that at some point she will be referred to NMC on health grounds as someone ill enough to be sectioned does demonstrate impaired fitness to practice ( as sectioning is used where peopel don't have capacity )
  2. zippygbr


    and if she had returned the uniforms she was issued with during her previous employment with the organisation in question they would ...
  3. I think the OPs ' self medication' may be increasing his paranoia and psychotic symptoms ... I also suspect the 'medication' he is the Schedule 1 CD but cat B MDA one ...
  4. have you actually applied for a role ?
  5. probably because the OP has a zero hours contract and is employed by NHSP or a trust's pool / bank .
  6. and there is nothing worse than sending any produict back to a customer for another item to fail fairly soon after and then get embroiled in a **** storm of accusations from the customer that the repairer broke it ...
  7. the standard repair agrement paperwork includes wording to that effect unless the customer asks for Data Recovery because the fault has prevented them from making a back up
  8. faulty and damaged parts are checked back into onto the spares system and sorted for possible repair / reconditioning / component recovery ... some computers are designed and bult in such a way that removal of components for assessment may damge them further
  9. UCC= urgent care centre Home vists are only required where it is dangerous or impractical for clinical reasons for the patient to attend a proper healthcare facility... 1. it wastes the time of the practitioner 2. the facilities available in even the most ill equipped surgery make undertaking an examination considerably easier than doing so at home a number of OOH providers contract with or provide their own patient transport ambulances to facilitate patients attending a treatment facility. GPs locuming in A+E are doing so on top of their contracted hours in the nHS, much as consultants working in private practice are doing so on top of their NHS hours ( and whether those commitments are in offices hours is irrelevant given the number of hours most consultants do outside of office hours as it is ...
  10. that is entirely likely for OOH 1 doing visits, a couple doing phone consultations and a couple doing face to face in a UCC setting
  11. exactly there are also issues with IR(ME)R and repeated X-rays that don't answer a clinical question where the answer or significant information is gained from the readiation exposure.
  12. that's exactly what they do do ... original packaging or the relevant tote for tablets / laptops / desktops , all in ones go in desktop tote if they fit otherwise a tellytainer.
  13. sounds like you need an urgent appt with the consultant then ...
  14. the CRB disclosure process as originally put in place is not transferrable as the subject copy may not contain all the information . as for 'only been caught' information again you are incorrect.
  15. except an individual is not the applicant it's the organisation in question , despite their copy of the disclosure being labelled 'applicant's copy' ... if and when the transferable CRB /DBS comes around then getting individuals to pay for their original application may become more acceptable rather than each organisation someone works with needing to make their own application and periodic reapplications
  16. first question - who is suggesting stopping the drugs ? - from reading your OP it;s your GP and i am suprised that s/he is in sole charge of prescribing ADHD treatment if it's not your consultant - you need an urgent appointment with him/ her if it is the consultant you are entitled to a second opinion from another suitable consultant - you can ask to be referred to another trust for this . however you cannot engage in rounds of consultant shopping to get the answer you want ... also OP how old are you ? and have you had any trial reductions in this drug previously given there is a suggestion that people can 'grow out pf' some types of ADHD conditions ...
  17. the problem with some of these 'screening' operations is that it;s a case of preying on the 'worried well' as if the Numbers Needed to Treat for the screenings were low enough then the NHS would be doing the screening or that decent GPs would be watching for early signs of ( and in some cases cashing in on the QOF points) and referring once significant risk / early signs were apparent. At 87 there is also the risk of them finding something that you will 'die with' and causing undue worry, rather than something he'll 'die of ' , very few people will make, their mid 80s without some element of diseases of ageing , even if they have been 'good' in terms of smoking, drinking , diet and exercise.
  18. and did you mentioned your DNA to that appointment at that time? What gives you that impression ? and your evidence for the assertion that this lump 'causes' the headaches? what clinical question do you hope will be answered by these Biopsies? and who has recommended that Biopsies are the appropriate intervention-especially as you claim not to have been seen by a Dermatologist ... The Health Service does not exist to undertake investigations or procedures at the whim of patients,there needs to be a clear clinical benefit to undertaking the investigation or procedure,the risks need to be outweighed by risks of not doing anything and for some expensive, highly specialist and/or time consuming investigations the cost /benefit analysis unfortunately comes in to it. Urgent appointments are there for Clinically Urgent problems not to appease people who DNA . There are only so many Staff in PALS and tasking one or more of them to solely be in the office to answer phone calls may not be the most appropriate use of time if it means face to face meetings involving a variety of people could not be held... Did you leave a message ? and I Presume Practice staff or the Practice Manager were physically incapable of taking a message ? Three DNAs before re-referral required is extremely generous generally one DNA is enough at alot of hospitals due to the costs of DNAs and the delays DNAs cause in getting people seen
  19. as the injury appears to be to the child rather than the mother ...
  20. or of course you could just checked whether your GP recieved a similar letter (asGPsare usually informed of DNA to clinics etc) and would they please re-refer you ... or is that too much like taking responsibility for your own actions for CAG ? Repeatedly offering DNAers further appointments has been identified as a significant cause of lost appointments in secondary and tertiary care.
  21. Topics elsewhere along these lines often have someone popping up with i've got x/y/z condition, why won't they just shower me with free money? ... lack of diagnosis can be an issue, as can refusal of people to accept that there can be a somatic component to some conditions and that 'functional' problems is not an excuse for failure to find a cause.
  22. I agree with what Becky says above. as an aside to this is there somewhere that concisely defines the three types of discrimination there , especially 'discrimination arising from disability', as the first and last categories appear more straight forward.
  23. Ah the myth of the midwives doing Assessment, many Midwives are also Adult /General Nurses, as for many years the only way to become a Midwife was to train as a General Nurse and then do midwifery training. Even with the Direct entry courses of the past 15 -20 years a significant number of new Midwifery registrants came from the route of second registration programmes. I have met a few Nurses/Midwives who are / could be triple registered as well. A midwife who is not eligible for registration as a Adult/ General Nurse or MH Nurse would not be able to maintain her registration by working for ATOS doing health assessments. I also see the diagnosis fallacy is alive and well, DLA and ESA are NOT awarded on the basis of diagnosis. The determinations are not challenges to your diagnosis. Many Consultants even in rehab medicine will freely admit that they look to the advice of their Nursing, Physio and OT colleagues on the function and Activities of Daily Living ( ADL) abilities of patients. I also see that people are forgetting that few Doctors are actually trained in conducting health and ADL assessments as opposed to taking a medical history, this is something Nurses, Physios and OTs are taught from Day 1 week 1. We'll not even go into all the things that are in place to support people into work or the things that employers do to comply with the equality act, or the poor take up of these things because people don;t seek advice or get themselves all frothed before they even know if they are going to have to move benefits. and before the usual Haters start, yes I have worked in the NHS, yes i do have along term mental health condition and no i don;t claim ESA because I am willing and able to go out to work rather than sit at home and feel sorry for myself. the answer to 'how do I ensure I get the best chance of success with my claim?' is to get advice on the claim process and what to put in the applications and be aware of the fact that the assessments are a holistic process and not just focussed on keywords in answers.
  24. really are you in a position to objectively make that assessment ? You have already mentioned that your older children are not in school , and something about being unhappy with their statements. That automatically raises safeguarding issues,and without knowing the full details of these issues i can;t say any more than that. your immediately defensive attitude does nothing to allay the concerns you are automatically on the defensive and appear to have little or no understanding of ,or interest in finding out why the paediatrician had concerns about the the whole family group or why this might be relevant And here we go with your accusations and combative. Generally it's accepted that adults don't get into slanging matches , but again you don;t seem to have insight as to why this does not allay the safeguarding concerns I have worked in the NHS, and one of the most frustrating parts of clinical practice is when patients decide that 'the system' is'out to get them' and become evasive, aggressive and think that they will get their own way by complaining or threatening professional regulator discipline. it does matter who the witnesses are ,as it bodes to their credibility. Considering that if this does go to a professional disciplinary hearing the parties are represented by actual legally trained advocates and cross examination as to both evidence and credibility will take place.
  25. key points being - Overtly - with the knowledge and consent of all parties
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