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  1. all depends on NHS service with regard to duration of Occupational sick pay same with notice when employment is terminated if OH are saying there is not a relaistic chance of her retruning to an RN role within the foreseeable the employer would move to dismiss on capability grounds. redeployment is not an option, however alternative employment in different role with the organisation may be an option i would also suggest that at some point she will be referred to NMC on health grounds as someone ill enough to be sectioned does demonstrate impaired fitnes
  2. zippygbr


    and if she had returned the uniforms she was issued with during her previous employment with the organisation in question they would ...
  3. I think the OPs ' self medication' may be increasing his paranoia and psychotic symptoms ... I also suspect the 'medication' he is the Schedule 1 CD but cat B MDA one ...
  4. have you actually applied for a role ?
  5. probably because the OP has a zero hours contract and is employed by NHSP or a trust's pool / bank .
  6. and there is nothing worse than sending any produict back to a customer for another item to fail fairly soon after and then get embroiled in a **** storm of accusations from the customer that the repairer broke it ...
  7. the standard repair agrement paperwork includes wording to that effect unless the customer asks for Data Recovery because the fault has prevented them from making a back up
  8. faulty and damaged parts are checked back into onto the spares system and sorted for possible repair / reconditioning / component recovery ... some computers are designed and bult in such a way that removal of components for assessment may damge them further
  9. UCC= urgent care centre Home vists are only required where it is dangerous or impractical for clinical reasons for the patient to attend a proper healthcare facility... 1. it wastes the time of the practitioner 2. the facilities available in even the most ill equipped surgery make undertaking an examination considerably easier than doing so at home a number of OOH providers contract with or provide their own patient transport ambulances to facilitate patients attending a treatment facility. GPs locuming in A+E are doing so on top of their contracted
  10. that is entirely likely for OOH 1 doing visits, a couple doing phone consultations and a couple doing face to face in a UCC setting
  11. exactly there are also issues with IR(ME)R and repeated X-rays that don't answer a clinical question where the answer or significant information is gained from the readiation exposure.
  12. that's exactly what they do do ... original packaging or the relevant tote for tablets / laptops / desktops , all in ones go in desktop tote if they fit otherwise a tellytainer.
  13. sounds like you need an urgent appt with the consultant then ...
  14. the CRB disclosure process as originally put in place is not transferrable as the subject copy may not contain all the information . as for 'only been caught' information again you are incorrect.
  15. except an individual is not the applicant it's the organisation in question , despite their copy of the disclosure being labelled 'applicant's copy' ... if and when the transferable CRB /DBS comes around then getting individuals to pay for their original application may become more acceptable rather than each organisation someone works with needing to make their own application and periodic reapplications
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