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  1. Hi I have a debt with payday UK which I am paying through valour financial management. CRS keep calling and texting me. I told them several times last week that payments are definitely being made through valour and so the debt is nothing to do with them. They have advised that I get valour to contact them but I feel that this is laughable as surely any agreement now in place between valour and payday UK supersedes any agreement they may have had and it should now be down to them to chase this up. Should I just give in and get valour to contact them or can I take another path that
  2. Hi I have been having cold calls from companies at work offering debt management, phone deals and all kinds of things including Debt collector as well This is getting very embarassing as it is a government department and a team leader phone is there anything I can do except ask each one in turn not to call again? Thanks in advance Rich
  3. thanks have checked credit file again and for this debt it says Start date: 29/07/2005 and Default date : 28/09/2006 so far as I know I ould have not paid anything towards this debt from the start so which of the dates are relevant either from AK or credit file? thanks again
  4. hi all just got a letter from another company on behalf of aktiv kapital. i called them and they said it was regarding a store card debt from 2005/2006 I managed to hunt out the original AK letter and it says the credit agreement date is 29/07/2005 but it says on the same page that the period covered is 01/10/2008-31/10/2009 which dates are relevant for the 6 year statute thing?? thanks for the help also does it matter that this debt is not on my credit file so far as I can remember
  5. i know that at least one does as i have got some finance recently and was told it was on my file.....i just wondered how long they take to get there
  6. Hi all I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for a payday loan to appear on your credit file after you apply? thanks
  7. OK will try that then.... Thanks for helping me clear this up so easily
  8. Thanks for moving my threads.....much appreciated I was not sure that Equifax and Experian hold the same information as I thought that different companies use either of the two Am I just not thinking it through properly? lol
  9. Hi No unfortunately it got lost a long time ago... the stupid thing is though I have had a credit report (one of the £2 postal ones) sent to my current address about a month before I tried to sort this out so there is no reason I can think of that they would not hold my current address???
  10. OK Thanks Another problem that I am having that I may as well ask now is that I had a free Experian credit report quite a number of years ago and now they will not let me get another report (I plan on paying for this one) without confirming the address I lived at when I got the free report... I moved around a huge amount at the time and so have given them, via telephone all addresses I could remember but none of them was the one they required. Does anyone know what I could do as I have no idea?? Thanks again
  11. Hi I am using this thread as i cant work out how to start a new one!! My question is....when does the six years start that a debt is non-collectable? I am talking about an old credit card debt, so would it be from the last time I used the card or some other time? And if I have already paid Lowell a couple of payments but stopped paying then does the six years start again once I made a payment to them? Thanks
  12. Lol....you have realised how little idea I have about this now Cheers mate and will keep you updated either way
  13. OK I think there was a bit of confusion sorry...I realised that I had to send it to Lowell (not sent it lol) Will do this and will get back to you if I need to If nothing else it has kept other peoples interest so must have been a few people wanted to know the same thing!!!! Thank you for all your help....it is priceless
  14. Next payment due on 01st or 2nd December You are going to get sick of me in a minute lol but what CCA are you talking about
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