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  1. You seem to have grasped the idea They have: Judge says Excel parking fines illegal - Mansfield Chad Sadly though its not really a media storey that is likley to change anything and the Powers That Be don't seem to keen to actually sort the problem out. The DVLA certainly have a vested interest in so much as the get a few pounds for ever RK request they get from these PPC's. They won't want to stop the gravy train. PPC's will continue for the forseeable future and unwary people will get caught out. Some who may even contact their local CAB and be told they have no option but to pay ! Best you can do is let family and friends know how the system works so they don't get caught out. Blagton
  2. I'm only repeating what Strawdog and others have said - the three steps to success are: 1. Ignore 2. Ignore 3. Goto 1 Do not write a letter to or contact anybody. It will not go anywhere near court - their threats are empty to make the unwary send them some cash. There are loads of threads on here and other forums all with the same tale of people receiving Invoices from these PPC's which are then followed by a series of letters demanding payment. The advice is the same to each one - ignore. Your situatuion is no different. You may be tempted to contact them and plead your case - don't bother your wasting your time and only giving them signals that your worried and may cave in if they hassle you enough. They can't but they can't claim £100 either. For example if it cost £1 an hour to park your car and you paid £1 but you overstayed by one hour then their potential loss was £1 as somebody else could have been using it whilst you were still parked. That is what they could claim from you - £1 If it was a Free Car park then they have nothing to claim as they had no loss. Blagton.
  3. You might want to try asking for advise on the Pepipoo forums. Provide scans or digi photos of both sides of the original PCN and NtO. The back is as critical as the front as there are certain things that must be said and those things must be said in a certain way. It seems some authorities are unable to actually do that correctly. Remove all reference to you, your car, reference number etc. Blagton.
  4. You should, its quite clear. About the Blue Badge Scheme : Directgov - Disabled people About the scheme The concessions provided under the scheme apply to on-street parking only. Badge holders may park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours in England and Wales, except where there is a ban on loading or unloading. There is no time limit for parking on yellow lines in Scotland. Badge holders may park for free and for as long as they need to at on-street parking meters and pay-and-display machines, unless there is a traffic sign specifying a time limit for holders of Blue Badges. Where a time limit is in force, you must display both the Blue Badge and the special blue parking disc showing time of arrival. While the scheme operates throughout the UK, there are small variations in its application in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Please see the relevant website for further information. The information on this page relates to England unless specified. Where the scheme does not apply The Blue Badge Scheme does not apply to off-street car parks, private roads and at most airports. You can find airport plans showing the location of parking spaces for disabled people on the Blue Badge map. The scheme does not fully apply in four central London boroughs: City of London City of Westminster Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea part of the London Borough of Camden There is no appeal process in the sense that when you appeal - they alone act as judge and jury. Your appeal will be rejected - they are not going to turn down the chance of you sending some money on the basis you beleive your appeal has been fairly considered. We are aware it can be a concern - very serious concern to some RK's as in this case. That's the PPC's Busines Model - make such people beleive that they have no option to pay otherwise all matter of things will happen. If you can't convince the RK that after a few letters which they must ignore/pass on to you nothing will happen then you could respond with the details of who was (Yourself). You have though then provided the PPC's with a potential glimmer of hope by giving them the driver details. The chances are they will still give up after a while but they may pursue you just that little bit longer. On one hand you seem to be aware of the score yet on the other, as has been mentioned you seem to be overcomplicating the matter. Indeed PPC's don't care who pays them there money hence the appearance on the original Invoice of a Penalty Charge Notice and wording that would suggest if the RK wasn't driving they should inform them who was. Why do you think they put them in such positions with small print ? You have the one answer you need already. Blagton
  5. There is really no need to do that, its all been heard before but anyway... Blue Badges on Private Car Parks (Supermarkets, Retail Parks etc) mean nothing. Doesn't matter if you have one or don't - doesn't come into the equation. Probably not but if they won't listen then not much you can do but accept they may be happier adding to the bank balance of the PPC's. Try and explain how PPC work - in addition use some analogies others have mentioned - you receive a Gas BIll for £50.00 however when you receive a reminder its gone up to £150.00. Does that seem a reasonable way of working from a reputable company ? Whilst the letters from "Debt Collectors" and "Solicitors" would have you beleive Bailifs will be sent round next week and all manner of terrible things occur the following would need to have taken place: 1. PPC going to court 2. The Court ruling in favours of the PPC 3. Even then you refuse to pay the Court As the PPC won't go to court then everything else doesn't really matter. There is no appeal process. It will fail and you will have wasted a letter, stamp and your time. They are in it to make money. If the RK must communicate (which they would be advised not to do) but at the end of they day you feel is the best way forward to keep the RK happy then all I would suggest is that they state the alledged debt is denied. They were not the driver at the time and any further commincation would be considered harrasment. There is no need to elaborate further with any other details of the why's and wherefores or who was driving. It may not stop the letters and by doing so you may well be seen as taking the bait. The only means the PPC has got of trying to obtain money is by obtaining the RK details from the DVLA however as they were not driving it has nothing to do with them. The paper trail of a PPC Invoice is well documented - there is little else to add. Let the RK know what to expect but continue to ignore. Blagton
  6. Because if you ignore the only outcome will be the give up. Most people don't come back to report that (although some do). Do you think the advice would be Ignore if that wasn't the way to handle a Invoice such as the one you have ? Bailiffs are not going to come round, your credit rating will not be effected and so on (despite the letters you will receive in attempt to make the unwary and gullable think otherwise). For anything like that to happen: 1. You must be taken to Court 2. You must loose the case 3. You refuse to pay the Court after the event The PPC that issued your Invoice are not going to venture anywhere near [1] as they wouldn't stand a chance of getting anywhere so their threats are as empty as a bottle with nothing in it. Chances are the Invoice you have received doesn't comply with law anyway - eg must have the Companies Regsitsered address in full and so on. By all means pay the £60 (you don't have) and at the same time let me have your address and I'll send you an Invoice for £100 covering my time in typing this message for which I expect payment by return. Thanks. Blagton
  7. OK - you obviously know best. Good luck. Rgds Blagton
  8. The back is as important as the front - as Lamma has mentioned the details that must be provided to you on a PCN are defined by statute. The back may fail to do that.
  9. Whilst there are indeed "Moral" grounds for not parking in Disabled Spaces and Parking & Child bays in supermarkets they are no different to any other parking space - aside from the nice blue or green paint on the ground. A disabled Blue Badge has no legal status on private land. The point being made by SP is that Sainsburys are suggesting otherwise and that a "fine" can be issued. Complete twoddle. Any Invoice issued is no different to any other issued by a PPC. I'm sure you will find that the vast majority of users (I'll include myself in that lot) will allow these spaces to be used by those who can best make use of them - it is probable that those that choose to park in such spaces whilst they nip in for a pack of 20 are the type of people who go through life being ignorant and inconsiderate to others anyway.
  10. As everybody is saying contine to ignore. They will give up after their Final letter (which may follow the previous Final letter). Nothing is going to effect your Credit Rating, Bailifs won't come round and take your childs Pet Rabbitt and so on. Its wording made to make those who would think what they are reading as correct into handing over some dosh. For Bailifs to become involved you must: 1. Have been taken to court. 2. Lost the case. 3. Refused to pay after the Court decison. On the basis PPC's don't go near Court as they have less legs to stand on the a table with no legs what they say in their letter is complete doodaa.
  11. No but to me it looks like somebody else out to make money from motorists.
  12. Never assume - it can get you into trouble Well from what you say and your original post "They are instead raising a file for failing to provide id. What does this mean ? Any advice welcome thanks." it would look like your son may end up be charged with not prividing Driver details which is worse than sorting out the original PCN one way or another. Do you have a copy of the latest latest letter as I would suggest to get the best assistance on here or other forums people will need to see exactly whats has been sent (If you post it remove all personal details, reg marks, reference numbers etc). Copies of your Sons correspondence for your records would be good too. Whilst never having anything to do with CAB's from what I read, in particular when it comes to Motoring related issue (Penalty Charge Notices or PPC Invoices etc) going there will be a complete waste of time and you may well be given duff information which you accept as authoratative. Get free advice/information from here and the likes of PePiPoo: UK Motoring Law - FAQs and Forums
  13. Mmmm, but the question remains why/how come you have received any communication as you seem to be suggesting. It has nothing to do with you (other than you are his Parent of course). Your son is (was ?) the Registered Keeper - the original correspondence would have been sent to the RK to respond to. If he was not the driver at the time he must provide information as to who was. If the letter is actually addressed to your Son and he has not acknowledged who the driver was then you may find he is heading into deep doodaa. Blagton
  14. Don't write to them - you will be seen as a fish starting to bite the bait. As you will have probably read already the advice would be the same as with all other PPC Invoices: 1. Ignore 2. Ignore 3. Return to Step 1 If you haven't already expect a letter from Roxburghe "Debt Collectors" suggesting they will pass things along to their solictor if you don't pay. Ignore - its part of their "business plan" to make you think you have no option but to pay. After that expect your file to be moved accross the office to another desk and then receive perhaps two letters from a solictor using the name Graham White (aka Micheal Sobell) suggesting if you don't pay they will consider legal action and nasty things will happen. You might notice that the phone number for Roxburgh is one digit different to that of Micheal Sobell. Strange eh ? After that it would seem you won't receive anything else - you become a fish that got away. It was a free carpark - they didn't incur any losses. You don't owe them anything. Read up on Private Parking Companies (PPC's) on this and other forums - understand how they work - in a nutshell scaring people into paying money. What is just as concering is that the DVLA are as complicit in this whole [problem] as the likes of Excel as they are quite happy to reap a few pounds for every Registerd Keepers Details they provide to these PPC's on the basis they have "Due Reason" despite the fact many would argue it is a against the Data Protection Act and they have no reason to supply this information. If your going to write to anybody send a letter to your local MP demanding action that the DVLA should be stopped from doing this. Remember that whilst it is presented to you as a PCN it IS NOT A Penalty Charge Notice - something issed by the Police or Council which would be a different ball game alltogether. HTH.
  15. Who issued this "ticket" ? Was it, for example a Pay And Display Councuil Car Park with the ticket issued by an Enforcement officer or was it a Private Car Park with a ticket (read Invoice) from a Private Parking Company ? Sounds more like the latter to me but what are the details on the ticket ? Blagton
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