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  1. Go on, have a guess at the asnwer ? Yes or No......50/50.....ask the Caggers....fone a friend.....which is it.....???? ..aim to get three ? Don't worry - doesn't matter how many you get the advice is the same. Blagton.
  2. In which case you will be aware the advice you will unanimously will receive is: 1. Ignore. 2. Ignore some more 3. Return to 1. Don't bother contacting Excel to appeal – it will fail as they don't do appeals. Don't bother contacting them at all. Don't go out of your way to go back and read the signs. Expect the chain of letters mentioned in many other Excel threads – understand that their business model is to make the unwary and those that worry easily into thinking they have to pay otherwise all manner of terrible things will happen. It won't. Over the coming months the RK will get letters from Roxbourgh and Micheal Sobell (aka Graham White Solicitors) – all of which should be ignored. Understand who the alleged contract was with – the driver and not the Registered Keeper. Perhaps the Registered Keeper wasn't driving ? It is up to the PPC to chase the driver for the debt and the RK doesn't have to say who was driving. Also understand that under Civil Contract Law that Excel can only claim for their (or the landowners) loss. You say you paid for 1 hour but stopped for 2.5. That would mean the maximum they can claim is the extra 1.5 hours you didn't pay for not £60 – assuming of course it didn't cost £30 per hour or part ! Sit back, relax and wait for the postman. Blagton
  3. You asked for some help - it was given together with some additional pointers you might like to research. There isn't much more we can do so it seems you have two options: 1. Pay (Not a good idea - Doh !) 2. Take note of those that have taken the time to respond. Your choice (I'd choose [2]) and BTW the scary letters are going to stretch over several months so your going to have to take a few chill pills or it looks like your going to freak out Blagton.
  4. No need to be irritated - just keep the Invoice (its not a fine) in the envelope - wait for a few weeks and put the next piece of junk mail that will come from them with it. Sit back, relax and focus on the important things such as your training. Don't let the muppets worry you. Read any of the threads on PPC's (doesnt matter which one as a PPC is a PPC) - expect a few letters appearing to come from the PPC themslves - then maybe two from there "Debt Collectors" (probably the desk opposite) and then maybe two from their solictors suggesting all manner of things will happen - it won't. Also make sure you understand why the advice is to ignore - basis of who the contract is with and what can be claimed under contract law etc. If, when you go away you are in the middle of this paper trail then don't worry - when you come back you will have a full set waiting for you but nothing more. If these clowns were to take anyone to court they would do so long before the chain of every increasing threats gets going. The reason that it is strung out so much is that it is the only weapon they have in the hope you will submit into paying. Blagton.
  5. Make sure that Lex don't pay the Invoice and then claim the money back from you as to avoid your relationship with Lex getting messy. SOmebody at Lex may open one of the later letters and make payment in the beleif it is a motoring offence PCN. Whilst confirming the driver details to a PPC isn't advised it *might* be best to have Lex say to the PPC "We are the RK but the driver was....". This should then direct the junk mail to you which you can then ignore at your own convenience. Lex shoud of course know the difference between a PCN and PPC invoice but in the real world..... Blagton
  6. Yes, they can make for a little light relief. Good but probably a waste and whilst you will probably get a reply it will be their stock answer that under the "With due reason we will give details etc....". What they mean is that "We give out your details to anybody who asks as we want the £2.50 for each request - ta very much". A letter to your local TS and MP would be good too. Mind you many of them won't be around in a few months so might wait until the next batch are sat in the office ! Blagton.
  7. Because they can - nothing in law/regulations to stop them. They are a business out to make money with a plan to take it from from the unwary worriers of this world. Nope but we can say with about the same odds as me winning the lottery this week (and I havn't bought a ticket) that they will. You need to understand why they, in all probabality won't take you to court - or if they did why your defence would win the case. Undertsanding the [problem] is best and also allows you to pass information on to others too but without "Just don't pay but I don't know why" answers. 1. The alledged contract is with the driver and not the RK. If you were not the driver at the time then you have no case to answer - it is for the PPC to prove who the driver was and make their claim against them. 2. Even if they know who the driver was, make their claim against them then they can only claim for their losses by the breach of the alleged contract. For example in a Car Park thats costs £1.00 oper hour and you pay for 1 hour (ie pay £1) but stop for two their loss is £1 (the extra hour you did't pay for). They cannot claim for £70, £140, £3000 or whetever figure they come up with in their minds. Blagton.
  8. See my other post but read the letter you have received again - every little bit including the small print at the bottom. Micheal Sobell trades as Graham White Solictors. Nothing to do with Graham White & Co. Blagton.
  9. As Kiptower says your pass means diddly squat on private land. Laugh back at them and DO NOT DO ANYTHING. Follow Kiptowers advice and you will have the last laugh. Well, too late to not do anything at all but don't do anything else from now on. Just ignore the junk mail you will receive - it will stop after about two from Sobell. Blagton.
  10. Not quite - read the letter again; Micheal Sobell trades as Graham White Solictors. Nothing to do with Graham White & Co (Contact | Graham White & Co. Solicitors) though which is where you may end up if you put putting "Graham White Solictors" into Google. A continuation of the whole PPC deception [problem]. I would have though the GW&Co might have distanced themslves in a more obvious way on their front page rather than a signle one liner. The paper trail you can expect froma PPC is well documented and can pretty much be predicted to letter (!) yet people still seem to question things when Sobells junk arrives. Blagton.
  11. Nothing has changed other than your brother has probably made himself a target for additional paperwork and unnecessary hassle as they will see him as a fish who is riggling. All he has done is waste his own time and presumably money on the cost of a phone call to their premium rate number, giving them some revenue in the process and the longer they kept him on the line the more it cost him and the more they made. If this was the first letter from Michael Sobell (a solicitor in the loosest possible term) he could have expected one more final, final letter and that would have been it. Least he could do though would be take on board the advice people have gone to the trouble of passing along - ie ignore Blagton
  12. Take some time out of your day to read any of the threads on here about UKP or any other PPC and you will become enlightened as to what you do: 1. Ignore 2. Ignore 3. Return to 1 Once you understand how PPC operate and what basis the advice is ignore tell your family and friends too. Key words from your message: "... I parked my husbands car in a ukpc free car park..." The alledged contract for parking is between the PPC and the DRIVER (ie you). "..... My husband has today recieved a ukpc charge..." Your husband has nothing to do with it - the only reason your husband has received the Invoice from UKPC is because he is the RK. Despite what it says he doesn't have to say who was driving - thats up to the PPC to find out and chase. The PPC can only obtain the RK details via the DVLA. The signage used on PPC suggests the driver enters into a contract to park - under contarct law you can only claim for losses incurred - for example it costs £1/hour to park -you pay £1 but stop 2 hours. Their loss is therefore £1 because you didn't pay the extra £1 and somebody else could have made use of the space at a cost of £1 Now...you were in free car park - there loss is...wel zero, zilch. Even if the car park was full and you stopped somebody else using a parking space what would they have paid ? Answer; Nothing its a free car park so they have no loss. Blagton.
  13. Read the threads - all part of the standard chain of junk mail. Tut tut - you should know that Seems strange that Micheal Sobell appears to be about the only solictor these con men seem to use and he is happy to be associated with them too ! Rather like the PPC attempting to disguse their paperwork as something it isn't this chap uses a trading name very similar to another (and I gather rather more reputable) firm of solictors. Igonre this and in all probabality the next. That will probably see you though to the end. Blagton.
  14. Lets change that to 99.99999999999999999999999999% make it via the Small Claims Court. Unless anybody can provide documentary evidence I am aware of just 2 cases that have made it to the Small Cliams Court - one in Oldham and the one in Mansfield. It is well documented that the chap in Oldham wasn't best advised ! Lets deal in facts: Fact; Civil Contract Law requires a contract to be entered into - even if we accept a contract with a PPC is entered into when parking a claim by the PPC can be for their losses only and not the charges they send out on their invoices. Neither can they just inflate the charge if ayment is not received on a certain date. For Free Car parks on which many of the PPC Invoices are issued they have no loss at all so have no claim. If your telephone bill arrives for £50 (and we can assume that somebody who receives a telephone bill has agreed to the service being supplied) and states that if it is not paid by the 31st of the month it will increase to £150 would you expect a court to uphold that as reasonable ? Nah. If a PPC beleives it has a "winnable case" why do they perform the pantomime that is the chain of deceiving letters you they send out - all they need to do is send one letter that states if payment is not received by a specific date (not within x days) thats it. There is no need for the huff and bluff of what may happen - it is all irreveent and as we all know is only their to scare the unaware and worriers into paying. In the real commercial world a buisness may send out one or two statements for unpaid Invoices - if the debt remains outsanding they dont then create a "myth" around what might happen - one warning would be the norm followed by legal actaion either through the Small Claims or via other legal means depending on the debt. Regretably until the PPC [problem] is accuratly reported by local papers and national press and brought to the attention of the population as a whole there are many who will continue to be taken in. Good - thats what we all been saying. Please take the rest of your ramblings back under the little bridge. Blagton.
  15. Done to death on this and other forums. If your going to cherry pick then I would suggest people read the following: Judge quashes £300 parking fine...because it set out to ‘frighten and intimidate’ driver | Mail Online What is there to research ? A PPC is a PPC and they all come out of the same hole the gound. You know that anyway I suspect. What do you suggest people in receipt of a PPC Invoice should do then - Pay ? I know, I know; don't feed the troll. Blagton
  16. Whilst you may see your situation as different it isn't really - you have received a PPC Invoice which is exactly the same as anybody else. The advice would be Ignore. With respect to you Concierge they probably won't have a clue about PPC Invoices, how PPC operate or what to do with them. Your letting agent will probably also suggest "There's nowt you can do". Ignore the junk that comes from the PPC but write to your letting agent, the building owner and the landowner if different telling them you will not be paying. You have an agreement that provides you with a parking space - end of, however you should point out to the above the issue surrounding contract law, claims for actual loss and so on. Blagton
  17. No great help for you but it could be that the system just doesn't like the cold and didn't know what it was doing - I know the barriers at the car park I use for work tend to get tempremantal at low, especially sub zero temps. Blagton
  18. Of course its true. Why would we make it up ? Because that is there Business plan - to scare the unwary, those that worry easy and anybody else who is taken in that what they say can happen will. Not everybody who is in business has morals ! Anybody can try to claim an unpaid debt - I could take you to court via the Small Claims Serivice using the online facility for a Invoice you have never paid (for services you never received) - of course if you defended the claim and let the law of the land decide if my claim was valid we know it isn't going to get very far. Blagton
  19. Quoted from the above "3. Can they affect my credit rating? NO! The only way your credit rating could be affected by ignoring private parking companies is if you were taken to court, lost, and then still refused to pay." MMmm...As far as I am aware (I'll stand correcetd) your credit rating can only be effected by unpaid debts originating from Credit Agreements - an unpaid Invoice for the supply of goods or services does not involve a Credit Agreement. A CCJ on file may effect your ability to obtain Credit. As we know that that ain't going to happen with a PPC Invoice. Blagton.
  20. Read any of the threads on here with regard PPC's (you can't miss them s its almost every one in one form or another) and you should get the pricture if you havn't already. But by what you say it would seem you are the Registered Keeper and your Son was driving your car ? If so then the alleged contract is with your Son. It is up to Town & City to contact your son for this alleged debt. All they have done is obtain the RK details from the DVLA and whilst they may suggest your are responsible your are not. Neither are you obliged to tell them who was driving (unlike a PCN issued by the Police). If you want to play their game then you could respond by saying whilst you acknowledge you are the RK you were not the driver and you do not acknowledge the debt. Tell them they can shove it and any further correspondence from them will be treated as harrasment. However folliwng the golden rules below is best advised. 1. Ignore 2. Ignore 3. Return to 1 Blagton
  21. A "Debt Recovery" agent has no powers beyond what you or I have in asking for money - I can beg, beg and beg but thats all. "Debt Recovery Agencies" have been used for some years by Companies who, rather than spend time and effort chasing outstanding Invoices using there own staff pay somebody to do it but all they do is the donkey work to try and get payment for an outstanding invoice (don't forget though that the debt these guys try to collect is an alleged debt rather than for the supply of 100 widgets you ordered !) You cannot be "Blacklisted" although I'm not really too sure what you mean by that - your credit rating cannot be effected as the alleged debt does not involve credit - your ability to obtain credit will not be effected as only a court can issue a judgement against you and for that to happen: A) You would have to be taken to court B) The judge rule in favour of the Plaintiff C) Even after B you then choose to ignore the ruling and withold payment What these PPC's and their Debt Collecting buddies say and what can really be done in the real world as as far apart as two things that can be far apart can be ! You seem to think there is some authority to what they say. There isn't. They are begging letters ! Blagton.
  22. Yep, thats all you have to do You could ask your Sister in Law what could be easier than doing nothing at all ? Let me have her address - I'll send her an Invoice for something she never ordered and most certainly never wanted but hey, if she is going to send me some money to save me sending some scary looking letters I'm in for a few quid. Could do with my summer holiday fund boosted Try to make sure she doesn't do it again as all she is doing is funding the PPC's [problem] Blagton.
  23. Just ignore the "Ticket" and all correspondence that will come from Excel, their "Debt Collectors" (probably Roxburghe) and finally, in all probabality a chap by the name of Micheal Sobell (claiming to do business as Graham White Solictors). There are loads of threads on here about Excel but whether them or any other PPC the advice is just the same: Ignore everything and do not contact them. Do take some time to read the threads on here so you can understand why you should ignore and it has nothing to do with your disabled badge. A Blue Badge (assuming that is what you are referrimg to) whether you have one or not means diddly squat when parking on private land. Blagton
  24. Nope - wasting your time and effort although the boys and girls at Royal Mail would no doubt be grateful for the extra business. Blagton.
  25. Well it won't be your final reminder. You will get at least one if not two more "Final Letters" - or should I say begging letters. Don't forget your dealing with a Company who business plan is to issue as many Invoices as they can, desssed up to appear as something they are not. These are then to be followed (if you don't pay) by several letters in an attempt to scare the unaware into paying. What is there to hope about ? Do you think you would really be advised to ignore if that wasn't the case. Of course it says failure to pay may result...blah bla bla - it makes people like yourself worry into thinking they have to pay. If you owed me some money for some work I'd done for you at your request and at an agreed price I wouldn't say..."I might take legal action if you don't pay"..... Blagton
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