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  1. Hi again!!! I have paid off the debt in full to Marstons £1077.88 and firstly I got a letter from Incasso saying the debt is now settled and I need to apply to court for a certificate of satisfaction which costs £15, but today I've received a letter and a certificate of satisfaction from Marstons which is weird!! But the reason why I am writing is I have been on my credit report on both Experian and Equifax but there is absolutely nothing on my report in the Public Record bit i.e. there is no mention of a CCJ, debt or anything on my credit report, which obviously I am very happy about but does this mean a CCJ never existed and I have paid money which wasn't owed?!!!
  2. What a nightmare! Have you actually managed to sort it out yet? I have reluctantly posted a cheque to Marstons for the full amount today to get them off my backs but I full intend to take it further and apply to set aside the judgment if possible.
  3. Hi, I rang the court today who said I had a Writ against me and I wouldn't be able to apply for a set aside until the Writ is removed. What is a Writ and how do I get it removed?! Thank you
  4. Sorry just another quick question, will applying for a set aside and then going back to court mean having to pay out more money? Thank you
  5. Ok thank you so so much for your help, I'll get onto it first thing in the morning and let you know how it goes! Thank you again!
  6. Thank you ploddertom for your reply, I will definately be doing this. However, in the mean time would it be best to pay Marstons the full amount they are asking for to stop them coming back again and adding any further charges? Would I then be able to claim back any money that I didnt owe if I applied for a set aside? I just want to get this sorted and get them off my backs asap as I'm sat in my house worried sick I'm going to have some bailiff break in my house and take my things! Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I enrolled on a college course last August 08, unaware at the time that I was pregnant. On this day I paid £223.76 of the £895 fees. Due to having my baby I left the course at the beginning of February 2009, & sent a letter to the college confirming this. No more was heard until March when I received a letter passed on from my previous address confirming I had been withdrawn from the course, no mention of an outstanding balance was mentioned so I far as I was aware that was it. I had my baby, got married (hence my name changed) and due to my husband being in the army I have moved house 3 times!!! In July my ex housemate rang me to say a letter had been hand delivered and looked quite important so she opened it for me and read out that it was from a Bailiff Company Marstons demanding £1118.34 on behalf of the college. I immediately rang the college to explain the situation and was told it was now in the hands of Marstons. So I contacted Marstons via letter immediately to which I received no reply. 3 months then passed during which I received a weird phonecall asking for me in my maiden name claiming to be Royal Mail wanting to deliver a parcel and asking me to confirm my address which stupidly I did. 4 weeks later Marston have hand delivered without even attempting to knock on my door a letter demanding £1071.88. Therefore confirming that the phonecall claiming to be Royal Mail was indeed Marstons as no parcel was ever delivered and when ringing Royal Mail they said they would NEVER call the recipient. My name has changed and there is absolutely nothing linking my maiden name to my current address, there is nothing even to link my new name to my current address even as it is a Ministry of Defence property and everything is in my husband's name. The college had my mobile number and e-mail however apparently the only contact they and Marstons have made was by letter to the wrong address which obviously I never received. Apparently this matter has been through court and I now have a CCJ but I have registered with Experian to check my credit report and there is no CCJ on there so I'm confused! The letter from Marstons states the following: Judgment Debt: £707.84 Judgment Costs: £147.00 Execution Costs: £101.75 Interest To: £28.00 Officers Fees: £156.28 TOTAL LEVY: £1071.88 as of 28/10/2009 They obviously can't add up though as if you add all the above the TOTAL LEVY actually comes to £1140.87!! Sorry this is so long but obviously this is a lot of money to just hand over when I really don't see this is fair that it has been through court and they've charged me these fees when I knew nothing about the debt. Also why is there no CCJ on my credit report when they say it has been through court and I have got one?! I would be very grateful for anyones comments/help. Thank you.
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