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  1. Hi All. I had all this with Apex/Egg at the beginning of November. I sent Apex a letter asking for clarification on the debt bought etc and also asked them only to correspond with me by letter...upshot is I have not received one single call or text (was getting at least one a day!) and have now agreed same repayment plan as I had with Egg:D
  2. Hi Booklover - thanks! I'm not going to write to Egg as I spoke to them earlier and am sure that they have sold my debt. Think I'm going to still request a copy of my CCA before sending my financial details (incomings/outgoings) to them with a pro rata offer of payment and am also going to ask them not to harrass me with phone calls (two today already!) I shall tell them that written correspondnce only will be accepted. It's funny what they try and tell you that you have to do as when I spoke to Apex they said that I would HAVE to provide payslips and bank statements to support my suggested monthly payment - total lies obviously! Once again thank you!
  3. Not sure about you guys but I logged onto Egg early and BOTH my accounts were still appearing, when I queried this on the phone I was told that my 'sold' account would disappear shortly! I feel v.aggrieved by all this as although my original agreement was broken the subsequent payment plan hasn't been broken in the 2.5 years I have had it! It is causing me undue stress as like I said before I have already had 2 missed calls from Apex today and I only got the text message on Monday and their letter today!
  4. Hi Booklover. I know, I feel exactly the same! I made the effort and contacted all my debtors when I got into difficulty and have never missed a payment on any of my agreed payment plans since they were put in place. What worries me is that I also have another Egg card so what's to stop them selling that debt too? Do you know if this Apex can charge interest? I had it frozen on my Egg card.
  5. Hi Booklover. When I rang Egg today they said that they can sell my debt as I broke the original credit agreement when I first fell into difficulty. They also said that the letter was legit that Apex sent me and that I should have received a letter from Egg...but I haven't had anything from them, they still haven't replied to my email from Monday! Am very wary of dealing with this Apex company, I have yet to find anything decent written about them!
  6. Hi Fairbyblue. What is a SAR??? Am a bit crap, wasn't sure what a CCA was until yesterday! I have requested a CCA but would be grateful if you could tell me what a SAR is. Thanks.
  7. Hi Fairbyblue. I have had exactly the same, have been paying Egg for 2 cards an agreed amount for the last 2.5 years, interest frozen. They should have contacted me in October to review but didn't and then I got the same text as you. I rang Apex and found out it was regarding my Egg card but only one of them. I emailed Egg but got no response and was told by Apex that I had to submit i & e within 48 hours! After posting a message on here I decided after advice from other users to write to them to request a copy of my CCA and confirmation that they have legally bought my debt and also to say that I would only correspond through letter...not text or phone calls. I get home today to find the exact 2 letters that you have had! I also spotted the typing similarities so I rang Egg who confirmed that yes they have sold one of my debts to Apex, when I asked about the other one they said they had only sold Visa debts and not Mastercard ones. I have also had 2 missed calls from Apex today and when you consider I only got the text on Monday it's a bit much! I intend to wait for a response to my letter before doing anything else.
  8. Thanks cerberusalert that is certainly a relief...after years of paying and finally seeing the wood for the trees it's nice to know that they can't hike it right back up again!
  9. Booklover I also owed quite on both cards in total although this has come down quite a bit with the frozen interest, and that's what I'm worried about with Apex buying my debt, it will just feel like all my hard work has been for nothing!
  10. Thank you cerberusalert you have been really helpful.
  11. Me too, I had my interest frozen and am now worried that these monkeys from Apex are going to start adding stupid amounts of interest to my debt, will just have to wait and see what happens I guess, let me know if you hear anything Booklover.
  12. Thanks for that Cerberusalert, it's just so annoying not knowing who to believe and what to do, conflicting advice all over the place! I shall not respond to them and see what happens.
  13. Hi Booklover....sounds like we're in exactly the same boat! I too was told in April 2009 that they would contact me in 6 months (October 2009) to review my circumstances and as yet I have heard nothing about either account. That's what I don't understand either, I understand I broke the original agreement but I have kept to the subsequent one for the last 2.5 years so how can they sell it with no notification? It's just crap isn't it?
  14. What even though they told me I had to do it within 48 hours? Should I wait for them to contact me in writing or should I be writing something to them? Sorry if I sound really dumb...the person I spoke to sound very official and said that Egg were quite within their rights to sell on my debt without informing me as I had broken the original credit agreement by defaulting although I haven't broken my subsequent payment plan...EVER!
  15. Hi. I too received a text today from myapex.apexcm.co.uk today saying that my account had been passed to them by their client. I rang the number to find out what it was about and found out that it appears Egg have sold one of my accounts to them...I have two Egg accounts, both of which I have been paying a set amount to as agreed due to financial difficulties. I have done this for the past 2.5 years and never missed a payment. I have emailed Egg to find out what is going on and what is happening to the other account I have with them...no response as yet. Apex told me I have 48 hours to contact them with a detailed breakdown of my incomings/outgoings...am now really distressed about this due to information I have read about them on the internet tonight....help!
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