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  1. Hi Just received the attached from the Halifax today.....? documentation2.pdf
  2. Thanks, I believe it was 2006/2007 may have been earlier but definately no later than 2007, so shall i respond to any letters i receive or ignore!?
  3. Evening, Please find attached CCA sent by Halifax Halifax CCA REturn .pdf
  4. Ok thanks sorry for the confusion of this thread! There is about 10 pages! I will arrange the scanning Thanks!
  5. Hi The original letter says we uave requested the information from our client and will forward it when it is received, the documents today were straight from Halifax
  6. Moorcroft who wrote to me and said they have requested it from Halifax which was the credit card, the reply was from Halifax, just alot of printed reconstituted t&a's!!
  7. Hello all, I have just received a 'reconstituted' cca from the Halifax (as i cancelled my dd with Moorcroft) not my original agreement that i signed just a load of terms and conditions they say that have met my request and they will not enter into further correspondence with me!? Is this correct i thought i had to have a copy of my original agreement Thanks in advance
  8. it's been 14+2 days and not a dicky bird from Moorcroft What would be my next step...... Advice please Thank you
  9. So it's been 14+2 days and not a dicky bird from Moorcroft And 10 days and no reply to my letter to Cabot regarding the account they thought was a current account! What would be my next step...... Advice please Thank you
  10. Thanks, Was going to write back and say its a credit card heres the £1 please send me the cca!?
  11. Hi received a reply from Cabot who i did not know was dealing with my debt....it was apex They have my account as a current account and its a credit card account.. ..obvious long credit card number on the letter!? They say: ' there is no need for us to provide a copy of your cca under the cca for current accounts and overdrafts facilities as part v of the cca does not apply to these types of accounts The exclusion of current accounts falling into part v of cca is set out in section 74 (1) (b) I have therefore returned your £1.00 fee ???
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