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  1. Thanks, we were told this but the CAB said it's unlikely. They said if they can get it over and done with at the start over the BR they generally do. Especially if (like ours) the house needs a lot of work and is unlikely to significantly rise in value.
  2. Hi. Thanks for that. The car isn't mine, that is my partners also, I cannot drive. We were advised by Citizens Advice that we could go BR and keep our house, as it is in Neg Equity. If the equity was small, my partners mum was going to buy the BI, so we would still keep the house. My partner would be going down the Apparent Insolvency route, he already has an expired Charge as evidence so should be pretty straightforward. He is employed in a 50K per year job, so we would be able to pay our mortgage after Bankruptcy, plus An IPA/IPO, and still not be as badly off as we are on the DM
  3. Hi! My partner and I have both decided to go BR. As background, we are currently on a DMP with CCCS, we struggle by on a tiny very tight budget to meet DMP payments that will still not pay off our debts for 17 years. My partner owns our home (mortaged, his name only). It is more than likely in negative equity, or perhaps a about breaking even. It certainly doesn't have a large value of equity. The vast majority of the debts are in his name (70K of them) I have two debts, an old council tax one, and a catalouge one (Totalling 5K). We will probably lose our car going BR, but it's a price w
  4. Thank you! I was freaking out. The sure do throw the word "offence" around on the letter....
  5. Hi, I'm having a similar problem just now. Got the Failure to Notify letter (sold the car to my sister). I did send away the V5, but they obviously lost it, or didn't get it. I don't want to argue it, I will pay their fine - the only thing is I have a job that requires High Security Clearance (MOD) will this affect it? I called the DVLA and asked, and they said it's more of a "red tape offence" (his words) and wouldn't be recorded anywhere after it's paid. Is this correct? I cannot have any motoring offences, not even speeding or parking, and certainly cannot have criminal offences.
  6. Hi, Thanks. I'm living with my partner, 3 kids and we are in a DMP which we want to keep going. We can't get a Charging Order because we are in Scotland (I'm sure you don't get COs here?) worst they could do is slap an inhibition on us which I don't care about asd I have no intention of moving. They are not pursuing the decree - they have stopped the legal action completely.
  7. Quick update on this: I sent Northern Rock a letter saying they had commenced legal proceedings against me despite my DMP and that because of this if they refused the payments I was now offering I was filing for BR and they'd get nowt. All went quiet....This morning I got a letter from them saying Legal Proceedings against me have been stopped and they are accepting my DMP payments for 12 months
  8. I was hoping they'd accept on the basis the DMP payment will increase over time, so £34 is not all they will ever get. It's just all we have just now, in 2 months time some of our others arrears will be cleared and we'll have some extra to throw at it. My only other option is to let them refuse the time to pay (which you think they will) let them grant the charge for payment then apply again for time to pay at a higher rate and somehow find the extra to fund it. I have done this already with Tesco, it's just very drawn out and they won't necessarily say yes.... Tesco took us to court we
  9. Thank you so much. I thought the court would say no chance to £32 a month. But, with the DMP it's all I have. I have put my CCCS budget sheet in with the application for time to pay. The loan was taken in 2007. I've had a default notice, no termination that I can recall. There is no ppi on it either, just to add! Thanks again.
  10. Hi all, On a DMP which has been ticking along OK but today have just received an Initital Writ (Scottish Court Summons) from Northern Rock. I'm devastated. Going to fill out the application for time to pay order (for the same amount per month as CCCS give them - it's all I have after all). It's only £34 a month of a 14K loan, so I bet they will say no. After they do I really don't know what our options will be. If they go ahead and arrest wages or whatever we'll have no choice but to go BR, which would be a disaster because we own our house (neg equity). I'm officially freaking out.
  11. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me with this. Today I received a letter from the solicitor who stated that they are accepting my repayment offer and as long as I stick to it (believe me I will!) no further action will be taken. I am so relieved!!!! inovermyhead2, yes they took me to court on March 21st (my daughters 2nd birthday). I did not attend. I applied for Time to Pay which was refused. It didn't order me to make payments, they just slapped an inhibition order on my house (so I can't sell it, but don't want to anyway). Then they left it at that until November when I was hit
  12. All in all it's been almost a year I think, I'm sorry I can't be sure. I've made payments on and off though.
  13. Thank you! I appreciate this so much. This puts my mind at rest as it happens as I sent an offer of repayment (complete with full Income/Expenditure details) by Special Delivery this morning, it is to be delivered before 1pm tomorrow. I was not sure if arrangements for installments would be accepted at this late stage, as the charge says pay the debt in full - but it just isn't an option. I wish it was!
  14. Even after it's gone this far? Thank you so much. Should I write to the Original Creditor? Or the Solicitor who Served the Charge? I'm so out of my depth. If they accept I presume they will just not take any further action (arrestments etc) as long as I meet the agreed payments?
  15. Thanks for this, I knew most of it already, what a charge is etc. I just really want to know if I can approach the lender (or their solicitor) with an offer of repayments or if it is too late for this? If I apply for a Time To Pay Order who do I send it to?
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