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  1. I'll be speaking to an assessor hopefully on Friday he should know and then I'll post here. Firms tend not to like to give them because they paid the course fees. There of no value to them.
  2. Thanks for replys Ive never used a forum before, dont even know how to find Scarlette. Anyway, I got to IC web page to download complaints form, where its states I should first write a letter to Boots/RLP. Not gonna write to RLP considering the problem didnt start there and they probably wont reply, so its gonna be Boots. Dont want to write loads of letters though so I'm gonna write a letter with hard facts and legalities. Thats if I can goet my head around the Data Protection act, Human rights and civil / criminal law in respect to our case, so any help would be grateful.
  3. Hi there Ive got a case of extortion here. My two daughters, one aged 15 and the other aged 17 were accussed of stealing 2 make-up items from Boots. They were taken to an office by two security staff (well built men). They gave their details to the staff, our oldest daughter even gave her NI number. The staff said they were too busy to contact the police. I belive they should have as they should follow some kind of protocol. My wife was contacted via phone, and said they are not contacting the police but they will have to pay a fine. My wife said nothing. While crying thiers eyes o
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