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  1. How could he have arrested me on the spot i was locked in my house down a long drive with electric gates? This is my point!!!! Whats the worst that could happen? Would they have needed to obtain a warrant to enter my property.
  2. So what could you have done if i had not answered the gate or opened the door of the house? Are you allowed to just break in and arrest me?
  3. Now i understand why this is free advice.... Think its time to get a real solicitor.
  4. To Straw Dog in your first post you said "You invited him in & then complied with his request so the answer to your question is- yes." Does this also mean that I had the right not to invite him in? I understand I should not have been on the phone. But my bluetooth disconnected about 10 seconds prior to being seen. I thought i would of had to have been pulled over to be caught. Also does a police man need to have a warrant to arrest you at your house?
  5. So your saying that I had to let them in? I may have been on the phone, but I did not think it was right for the police to then make me sit in the back of the car on my drive. Looking back I should not have opened the gate for them.
  6. The offence took place just down the road from me, was just wondering weather they can come on your property? Could i have refused to let them in?
  7. When i opened my front door to him i iasked if he had the right to issue me the ticket even tho he was on private land, he said yes told me to sit in the back and shut the door. What were my rights in that situation?
  8. Hey on saturday last week I was driving home when i got home i went inside and the gate bell rang. I answered and it was a police man asking to speak to the driver of my car. I opened the gate and let him in when i opened my front door he told me to sit in the back of his car and issued me a ticket for being on the phone while driving. Was he allowed to do this on my own private property? Any help would be gratley appriciated. Thank you
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