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  1. Thanks for the bump reallymadwoman, I've tried searching the site for anything relevant, but can't find anything yet. Also, after talking to the wife about it today, she informed me that the bailiff arrived just as the kids friends were calling for the kids, and the bailiff continued to discuss my affairs in front of both my kids and their mates, and seeing the state that their mother was in, they were really worried all day at school, and ran home after to make sure mum was ok. I intend pursuing the inflated fees from the bailiff, but I'm not sure where I stand with my private information
  2. As I said earlier, I won't let my guard down, and I don't mean for this particular case, I mean having spent days looking through this forum at the different threads, (problems we all face everyday) I can see that there are many situations that I had not even considered. How times are a changing. We need this site, to help those who need help most. Go CAG.
  3. Much appreciation locutus, I shall sort it out for the mother in law tomorrow, and I know she will thank you. she was told today that she would have to pay £70 to get it sorted out for her by talk talk. I'm not sure what the deal was they offered, but mother in law is not as pc as most, and the details do tend to go over her head. Saying that, she has paid for 2 months internet access, and couldn't even connect to talk talk alone. I'll let you know how I get on, thanks TOTN
  4. Thanks locutus, I believe it's a D-LINK DSL-2640R ADSL2+ Router. Any advice is gratefully received and appreciated. TOTN
  5. OK lamma, I can see the cork going back in the bottle, I still have a lot to learn about these situations, but can't get back in touch with LA till Monday now. I will get them to send confirmation, then take cork back out of the bottle.
  6. Thanks lamma, never thought about that, so I've called LA, they said they had received confirmation, and are now going to call bailiffs. Lucky I caught them this time on a Friday. Bottle of vino coming my way this evening for being a good boy.
  7. Well I have just called TEC to ask if I needed to send the original doc that I signed, but they are happy with the Fax version, and they told me that my application is already being processed and they have e-mailed the local authority to inform them of this, and so that should stop the wolves knocking at my door until my appeal has been dealt with. That's a big sigh of relief, although I won't be letting my guard down any, having read many posts on this site. I'll be back with more when I find out what happens. Thanks all for the help, I will be donating to keep this site going for all
  8. Thanks tomtubby, I called TEC and they e-mailed me TE7 & TE9 which I have just filled out in the way you suggested, and I have Faxed them back asking them to confirm receipt to me by e-mail. I will wait and see what happens, and let you know. Also I need to say that finding this forum has enlightened me greatly to our rights, and I am now looking to reclaim fees from Marstons for a previous visit where the debt was mine, but on only finding my wife at home, she was forced to borrow money to pay there and then. I have started a new thread on this, but I thought I'd mention it here to se
  9. Just going through our records, in order to retrieve unjust bailiffs charges (thank you for the info fellow caggers) we have came across a final notice from Marstons, dated feb this year, for a PCN that I incurred doing a job 2 years previous. to cut a long story short, they appeared at the door one morning in Feb when I was at work and my wife answered the door, she was told that he needed full payment there and then, or the van was just round the corner, and they would enter to remove goods. My wife was in a panic and had to borrow the £343 fee. No levy was placed, no entry was made, and my
  10. my mother in law has recently changed broadband provider from post office to talk talk, but since then has been unable to connect to internet, she thought it was something she wasn't doing right, and after a month of frustration, contacted talk talk, only to be told then that her operating system, win 98, was not compatible, but talk talk have said that this is her problem and she will need to update OS to enable access to internet. As mother in law is single and not in a position to spend money on new computer or OS she feels she is now left with contract she can't use or get out of. Help app
  11. is the same true for spouse, because marstons visited our house in february concerning an unpaid pcn that I had in my name, I was at work at the time but they told my wife that she would have to pay there and then, or van was just round corner, and they would remove goods. My wife borrowed the money and paid it, but can they ask her for my debt ? £343
  12. Sorry green and mean, I did phone the council with the intention of asking for the information you said, but I first had to get past a foot soldier who would only say "I'm sorry, but it is in the hands of the baillifs now so there is nothing we can do", and when I questioned about paying them direct, she said I need to speak to my supervisor (name known) but never put me on hold, so I could hear her ask the supervisor what she should tell me, to be told, tell him we can't accept a payment, cos that'll mean we will have to pay Marstons. Then when I finally got put on to the supervisor, I was al
  13. I've just spoke to the council offering to make payment for the original ticket, only to be told that they won't accept payment because they will be liable for charges from Marstens. They told me that there is no law that says they have to accept payment, I said there is probably no law says they can't. I asked at least 4 times if they were refusing payment for the ticket, but got no real answer, except that I should try contacting Marstens to see what offers they make me, although I believe there offer would be all the money paid or lose my goods. I asked if anything had been sent to me, and
  14. Whilst working for volunterally on a free music festival, supported by our local council, during August last year, I had to visit the site beforehand to do a survey for the stage erection, this was done two weeks before the festival, and as I had to unload surveying equipment, and I had no official permit untill the following week, I put a notice in both the front and back window describing the work I was doing and the position of the survey. I was served a pcn, which I then appealed to the local council to have quashed. I heard no more about it untill last week, some 14 months after, when a
  15. I live on a street that is horse shoe shaped, coming off, and returning onto the same street, and there is no through traffic that use this road, only residents and services. Some 3 years back double yellow lines were laid the full length of the road, but at the time these couldn't be finished just outside my home because of parked cars, and so stopped about 30 metres short of the planning application, and also no t-bar was added to the end, all was well until the council took over parking control, and just recently I was given a pcn for being parked on these lines. I contested the pcn, and go
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