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  1. I've tried Hold Ups, in a bank, I got caught, spent time in jail, in the shower, picking up the soap for a big guy called Bubba, not good, don't recommend it........
  2. Just a thought, but quite a bit was paid to welcome in ppi concerning this case, am I too late to look into recovering this from them ?
  3. The short story is that the head of recovery for council tax for my LA agreed verbally face to face with me at their office that the monthly payments we have been making to cover our arrears could carry on at the agreed rate until the arrears were paid off while paying on top for this years tax. We missed a payment from this years tax through my wife's student loan being late, and as such we have been taken to court for both this years tax adding £100 for the privilege, but also took me to court for the outstanding debt, although I hadn't missed any payments on that, and yes you've guessed
  4. OK, I cobbled together, and sent off a letter to tossendales saying I dispute the levy fee for the reason goods value wouldn't cover costs, and their dog should have realised that at the time. I also told them that I wish repayment of the levy fee (£51.00) within 14 days or I would be forced to take the matter further, and that I had sent a copy of the letter to council. I then went on to argue the van fees they were chasing, quoting the different amounts and descriptions for the fees. Then at the end I informed them that any further letters sent by me would cost them £25 admin charge. I
  5. Thanks PT , yes your are right in thinking that. No entry was made prior to the 3rd visit, at which time attendance and levy fees were charged. T.O.T.N.
  6. Yes PT both attendance fee and levy fee are by same bailiff same day and same time, does that help ? T.O.T.N.
  7. Ok, I sent off letter asking for breakdown of fees, and I received a reply earlier this week with a breakdown as follows: bailiff visit date, time, name visit fee £24.50 bailiff visit date, time, name visit fee £18.00 bailiff visit date, time, name attendance fee £110.00 and levy fee £51.00 below that was information on both bailiffs certificates, then below that again it states; " All of our fees are charged in accordance with the Council Tax Administration and Enforcement regulations and are clearly outlined on the instruction sheet that was left with the
  8. Finally I've won, ha ha, I knew if I waited long enough, you would give in.
  9. No disrespect taken, he was only allowed in the kitchen and no other rooms. What I was concerned about was the fact they had changed the debt from van fees, to outstanding council tax debt.
  10. Hello PT, Goods levied were: A 12 year old 32in TV A 6 foot by 4 foot solid wood kitchen table & 4 chairs A 4 year old laptop that i'm writing this from A microwave that doesn't work and my lass has been on to me to get rid of and a dishwasher that is actually a tumble dryer. Does that make a difference ?
  11. Right, I'll try and make this short for now. My wife is a full time student at university receiving student finance. Last year we were having real problems with SF(student finance) not making payment till months after due date, which had a knock on effect with paying bills. one of these being council tax. We contacted council to explain, but they would not give any leeway for delays with SF, and it was already in the hands of Rossendales. Shortly afterwards we had a 1st visit, not let in, he refused to listen, said pay up or we'll be back. Numerous calls to SF got us nowhere,
  12. It's MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, look, I've won, YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. RE; Robinson way, and my 12 year old debt, I received a letter this morning saying, "having reviewed your comments, we can now advise you that we have closed your account in our files, and you will receive no further communication from ourselves in this matter" Once again Bazooka and Shadow, thanks for the advice. TOTN.
  14. Thank you both for your help, letter sent this morning. Hopefully that will do the job. TOTN.
  15. Thanks for the advice S, it's much appreciated. I've tried looking on here for a template letter, but I can't seem to find one. If you know the whereabouts of a template letter, I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks again, Tom.
  16. I received a letter today from robbers way, for an account with capitol one from 12 years ago, informing me of a subsequent notice of arrears, with a default agreement dated 1st Oct 2008, when I have had no contact between myself and/ or robbers way/ capitol one for 12 years. I was intending a CCA request, and if sent something, then an SAR, because as far as I can see, they are relying upon the fact that, unfortunately, most people are unaware of the options open to them, other than just give in and pay up. Also the amount being asked for is more than 5 times the original debt.
  17. That's fightin' talk this end of Scarborough!!!!!! You two go sort it out, I'll keep an eye on things here...............
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