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  1. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately they wrote to me in January 2012, so I do not think this will apply for me. I am currently drafting a letter to HMRC with the aim to send it on Monday. Congratulations on your victory though, it does bring me some hope .
  2. Thank you - that would be very much appreciated!
  3. Gbarbm - thank you for your reply. I can answer yes/yes/no to those questions. As I understand things, the problem may be that my ex-employer failed to correctly deduct PAYE at the basic rate for the year (at least that is the theory that HMRC have put forward to me). My P45 (part 1A) does not show payments or tax deductions in relation to my redundancy package - just my salaried pay and deductions from that.
  4. Hello. I was made redundant in June 2010, but due to long length of service and it being 'voluntary' it was a very generous settlement. The problem is HMRC wrote to me on January 31st this year to say that I had underpaid tax on it by £6,833.60. This was set out with a P800 form. The tax year in question is quoted as year ended 5 April 2011. After speaking to them, they advised I go back to my employer and check with them as to how they based their calculations at the time of my final payment, and to provide breakdowns of this. I have written to them twice now, and have had no reply.
  5. Hello. I have suffering with severe depression, and been off work since 2007, and not been receiving any income for over a year now. I had become extremely reclusive in this time, and not had been refusing outside contact with the world. I am now well on the road to recovery, and trying to move forward by tackling the mess that has resulted. I am being chased for a number of debts by various DCA’s (it is quite hard to keep track of, as they seem to change every few months!). The debts total over £15k, and are mostly non-payment of loans and CC debts. I have now successfully start
  6. Hello there. I have been suffering from recurring depression for the last 10 years. In 2007 I was signed off work, and have not worked since then. In May 2008 a psychiatrist diagnosed me with severe recurring depression. In between these times, I developed a fear of going outside and became a virtual hermit. I stopped having anything to do with the outside world. I often contemplated suicide. Today, I am a lot better. However, due to my retreat into myself, I had not been claiming any financial help. I did attempt to claim IB and ESA during these times, but found dealing wit
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