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  1. Thanks to everyone for their support it means a lot knowing people are listening As an update a women from the dealer rang yesterday to say they had got my letter of complaint and what did I want them to do I said as in my letter I wanted a full refund or repair but as the engineers report recommended a replacement engine it may be better for them to go the refund route They are now arranging to collect the truck to get their mechanic to look at it. They have asked me not to write anymore as "letters get you nowhere and I'm sure we can work something out on the phone"
  2. Thanks for your replies I have written to the credit card company to make a claim under section 75 I had an engineers report done they say the pulley had come loose previously wearing the end of the crankshaft. The welding was done probably to hide the damage, but in fact has caused more damage, also, the pulley needs to be removable for servicing the timing belts behind it. they recommend a replacement engine I bought the truck for my own use not business and did not pay V.A.T. Realistically, do people ever win cases such as this. I ask because consumer prog
  3. could anyone advise please On the 20th December I bought a 1999 Mitsubishi l200 pickup from a local dealer the asking price was £1990 with 7 months mot and 117000 miles Although there was no service history the truck looked in reasonable condition to me and the guy said he'd been using it himself and had had no problems. when I asked if the timing belts were changed he said his mechanic had looked over it and they were good. we agreed on a price of £1700 so I paid using a credit card. After I'd paid he gave me an invoice on which he'd highlighted a line saying discount g
  4. Thanks for the replies I took the car back this morning and told him he could either put right all the faults or refund my money, I also gave him a letter stating that. He insisted he is not liable as the cv boot and shock absorber can go any time but said he would see what his workshop could do. I've left it with him so we'll have to see what happens Who do I write to to claim a charge back on my credit card (its a NatWest Mastercard) the bank or mastercard?
  5. Hi all this is my first post ever so please bear with me, On the 26th September we bought a diesel peugeot 307 glx 02 plate at a dealer 50 miles from us The car looked good,the salesman had told us the car was in excellent condition and been inspected by them, he said it also came with a 3 month comprehensive warranty covering everything apart brake pads, light bulbs,and exhaust. When I ask about service history and had the cambelt been changed he replied that the car came from a main dealer and they had not sent the service book but he had checked and belt didn't need changing till
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