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  1. Contact your doctor and tell him you want a copy of your medical file going back to 1995,they cant refuse to give you it although they might try and charge you for the printouts,let cab or your solicitor contact the hospitals and ask for your files (you should get legal aid). I dont think there should be any need for you to go to appeal, get a copy of the report from the dla that states you no longer meet the requirements for dla again they cant refuse to give you it. It looks like they have made a massive mistake and believe me when i say mistakes like this is going on all the time.
  2. I am sorry but have you had a medical exam done recently by the dwp/atos? How has the dwp decided you no longer qualify for dla ? they would have had to contact you first, then contact your own gp ,or send out an atos hcp(remember they are not all doctors).Unless they have new information about your condition they cant just stop your benefits, they need medical proof that your condition has improved and in your case it would have to improved a great deal. I stay in glasgow and they still use tas 1 so i dont know what they mean when they say they dont use them anymore. I asked my doct
  3. Please get in contact with your friend from cab asap as he can also write to your creditors for you and it will take some pressure off you.If you have been on dla for such a long time and your condition hasnt changed,then there should be no reason for you not to still get it .Dont let atos brush you off speak to your doctor, are you still attending hospitals ? get as much information you can about your disabilities and what the dwp have said in the past about your condition.As i have said, atos have tried everything to get me to go away but they have no chance.Keep your head up and keep fighti
  4. I had a letter from terry moran telling me that the dwp had gave me all the information about my case and he told me not to write any more letters as all my questions had been answered.Guess what ? the information he gave me was totaly wrong ! i got compensation off the dwp for maladministration, so dont even believe terry moran.Good luck in your case
  5. I tried something similar on another site and it mysteriously got shut down,dont mention dr,s names as you could maybe get the site into trouble.I agree we all need to do something about atos. Everyone who loses their benefits should go to appeal as it may cause havoc with the appeals process, everyone should get their mp involved as they wont like to work for a change , everyone should write to yvette cooper as i am sure she thinks people wont, everyone should complain to atos and go through their complaints procedure to make their job harder, everyone that can should take their complain
  6. please dont give up, that is exactly what atos/dwp want you to do.You should contact cab asap as they will help you, they can write to your specialists and get legal aid for you to get letters from the specialists you have seen. If you get these letters and they confirm all your conditions then the tribunal will find in your favour as it will override any atos hcp(remember they are all not dr,s).Most of these biased atos hcp,s are there to put people off benefits pure and simple, dont trust any of them. I have been fighting them for over a year now and it seems i have backed them into a c
  7. Thanks Yes its the dwp, i have asked for all information whether it is in house,phone calls if they are recorded,any info between the dwp and atos plus any hand written memos between offices.They asked me what offices and i have said everyone that has had any dealings with me.I also know 4 separate dm,s looked at my case so i have asked for it as well. What i am trying to find out is. Can they withold any info , can they refuse to give me it and are they legaly bound to hold onto peoples data for a certain time. I still have an on-going complaint about an hcp, can this affect any o
  8. I am sending in a subject access request to the dwp, any help in what i should be asking them ?
  9. Does anyone have any information on the company atos use for the so-called independent company the use in their complaints procedure ? I have asked atos but are refusing to give me it,I also asked how it could be independent when they helped pick it
  10. Does the health profesional council have their own web site and can you contact them and ask for peoples registration
  11. You could be correct but i have seen posts from people who have complained to the gmc about how their medicals were done and the gmc have said they cannot get involved because the hcp was a nurse and not a doctor.My wifes medical last week was done by a nurse and i asked her for her gmc registration number and she told me she wasnt registerd with the gmc but was passed to perform these medicals by the secretary of state
  12. You can only contact the gmc if it is a registered doctor atos call their people health care profesionals and this allows them to employ doctors , nurses, physios and any other person with a medical background as long as they go through and pass atos,s training. Their training consists of 6 stages and it includes reading, class days, more reading, multiple choice questions (which you have to pass) another in-house class day and then you have to do 5 medical exams which are with someone from atos and if you pass them you are then a qualified hcp and can go and do the medicals on your own
  13. I think recording the medical exam would help but i think a major problem with the hcps employed by atos is in their written reports.Most people seem to think their medicals have went ok and they have answered all the relevent questions but when they are informed that they no longer qualify for benefits its only then that people ask for a copy of the hcps report and realise that the hcp has put down the exact opposite of what you told them. I would like to see that after the medical you have access to a translated copy of the medical report before it is sent back to the dwp. Then and only
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