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  1. ***UPDATE*** I was contacted this morning by an Apple representative who informed me that they will be replacing the Logic Board, for free, at my earliest convenience. Thank you for your help, support and advice. Gareth
  2. There is an additional side issue that the Logic Board replacement that would solve the issue, would contain ANOTHER faulty NVIDA gfx Card. So do i have a case for not accepting another faulty item in replacement for an already faulty item?
  3. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read my post, any help, comments or support would be very gratefully received. The basic outline of my case is this - I purchased a Macbook Pro (MBP) from Apple Store Ltd. My MBP developed a Fault Apple identified the Fault as being the Graphics Chip The particular graphics chip used in my MBP is known by apple to have “a very high fail rate”. Apple refuse to repair of replace my MBP I contest that the MBP they sold me was not of a satisfactory quality and not fit for purpose I intend to pursue them under the 1979 SOGA. On Aug 31st 2007 I purchased a Macbook Pro from the Birmingham Apple store for £1417.90. On the 4th May this year, it developed a fault which rendered the screen black. I returned it to the Apple store, when an Apple technician identified the problem as being a faulty graphics chip, specifically the NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT. He provided me with a quote for a new Logic Board (which contains the GFX chip) for the sum of £417 inc VAT. I decided to have a think about it and advised him that I would call back later in the week if I required the work carrying out. Whilst searching the internet to check if the price I was quoted was a fair one, I came across numerous articles about problems with the NVIDIA and the MBP. After further digging I found the Apple had in fact successfully sued NVIDIA in 2008 due to the high fail rate of the chips they supplied. All MCP manufactured between 01/05/07 and 01/09/08 are fitted with the defective chip and Apple offer free replacement of Logic boards for new problems and retrospective compensation for customers who have previously payed to remedy the issue. But only for MBP less than 4 years old, at time of fault mine was 4yr 7mth old. I returned to the Apple store where they confirmed that my MBP did in fact contain the defective chip and that the issue with my MPB was solely the failure of that chip. After numerous phone calls to their head office, the store manager informed me that they were not able to repair or replace my MBP as it was outside of their 4 year limit. After leaving the store I contacted the Apple care centre and received the same response as from the store. I strongly believe that I have a very solid case, under the 1979 Sale of Goods Act, that the MBP they sold me was not of a satisfactory quality and that I am entitled to a replacement or refund for the whole unit. The facts are as simple as this, Apple sold me a product they know to be faulty, the known fault has occurred, and they refuse to allow me my legal rights under the 1979 SOGA. After speaking to CAB, I yesterday sent Apple Store Birmingham a recorded delivery letter. In which I stated the facts of my purchase, I then explained how I believed they were in breach of the contract of sale and that I expected a full replacement or refund. I understand that my MBP is reasonably old, but I contest that less than 5 years for a £1500 laptop is not an acceptable lifespan. I also strongly believe that time in this case, time is not a massive issue, the MBP was in reality Faulty from the moment I purchased it, and it just took over 4 years for the fault to affect the unit. If anyone has any opinions to the validity of my case, past experiences with Apple or any other general advice, I’d love to gear from you. Regards Gareth
  4. Hi Steve, As i understand it, it is still possible to reclaim PPI after 6 years has passed. It is however, a bit more difficult and may involve a trip to the SCC. Maybe someone else will no more?
  5. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/BuyingAndSellingAVehicle/ImportingAndExportingAVehicle/DG_4022583
  6. Hi All, I've got 2 complaints outstanding with LTSB, they have accepted both complaints and i in turn have accepted their offer of a full refund +8%. How long does it take them to pay up? Are there any legal guidlines as to the repayment speed? many thanks
  7. I know that if you import a car from abroad it is always the responsibility of the intended owner/keeper to pay all import duty. The company used seems to be a well established business, i don't believe this to be any kind of [problem], just a misunderstanding. What was the company's response to your complaint?
  8. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the registration and duty?
  9. can you send the link for the website and/or any info they sent you
  10. I had a meeting with a manager at Sainsburys today and also sent this letter to the store manager... Paul Farzam Store Manager Sainsburys Abbey Trading Centre Alvechurch Highway REDDITCH B97 6RF Dear Mr Farzam TASTE DISTURBANCES AFTER PINE NUT CONSUMPTION I wish to make you aware of a possible issue with one of your products. Notably Pine Nuts from China, I enclose a selection of papers, medical reports and newspaper articles concerning the subject. In the last week I have personally experienced the symptoms widely reported in the enclosed information. I consumed Pine Nuts, bought from your Redditch Store on 03/08/2010. After 24 hours I started to notice a strange bitter taste in my mouth, this then worsened, to a degree that had no appetite for 3-4 days and could taste nothing for 5 days. As I write I can still faintly detect the strange bitter taste that has plagued me for over a week. It is very important to note that this is not an allergic reaction to the Pine Nuts themselves, I have eaten pine nuts for many years and never experienced any similar symptoms. It is in-fact a reaction to a substance created by either the oxidization or poor storage of the Pine Nuts, specifically those sourced from China. I am in no way accusing Sainsburys of knowingly selling substandard goods, I fully expect you to have no prior knowledge of this situation and I am simply writing to make you aware of a problem that you may begin to encounter more frequently should your product sourcing not be altered. Most importantly I would hope that no more of your customers should have to experience the truly horrible ordeal I have been through in the last week. I would appreciate being kept informed of your findings and any possible actions taken as a result. I have always received excellent service from Sainsburys in the past and will continue to be a very satisfied customer in the future. Yours sincerely It will be interesting to see their response, i'll keep you updated.
  11. Hi all, I've just recovered from one of the worst experiences of my life, just over 1 week with a bitter taste constantly in my mouth, the cause....rogue Pine Nuts! It all started last Wednesday, when i started to noticed a bitter taste in my mouth, i figured it'd go away, but it got worse and worse. Obviously by this point i was quite concerned and started to think i could have a serious health problem. I did a little internet research, before i bothered a doctor. The more i read, the more scared i got, heart attack, diabetes, the list went on and on, then when i typed "bitter taste in mouth" into Google, i noticed an article about pine nuts, it caught my eye as i had eaten pine nuts on the Tuesday night before i got developed this bitter taste. It seems that there is a very recent phenomenon of people developing a bitter taste in their mouth after eating pine nuts, here is a quote from a newspaper article from last may The first reports of 'pine mouth', as it has been dubbed, began last winter in the U.S. from those who had eaten imported Chinese pine nuts. Now pine mouth has spread to Britain, and shoppers across the country are experiencing the same disturbing symptoms. I, too, fell foul of the metal mouth syndrome after eating a few handfuls of pine nuts bought from a supermarket. Though I regained my taste after eight days, the only thing I could drink during that time was water, and the only food that was bearable was salad leaves smothered in strong balsamic vinegar. Drinking wine was like swallowing liquid metal. i thought i'd bring this to the attention of the good people of CAG, god knows i wouldn't wish what i've been through in the last week on my worst enemy. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? for more info here are some links http://journals.lww.com/euro-emergencymed/pages/articleviewer.aspx?year=2001&issue=03000&article=00036&type=fulltext http://www.hyam.net/blog/archives/60 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1184261/Pine-mouth-puzzle-Why-nuts-leave-bitter-taste.html
  12. I've experienced a similar issue. I know the golden rule is to send letters, but i have had very results from phoning Newport, they seem pretty helpful and friendly. I've heard horror stories about LTSB, but in my case, i've been dealt with very well. On one of my complaints, i recieved an offer of full refund plus 8% after just one phone call and within 1 week of complaining. If you need any numbers or help give me a shout.
  13. Hi Loser01 All of my correspondence with LTSB has been over the phone, there are sme great templates in the sticky section of this forum, sorry i cant help you more. good luck
  14. I had a long phone call today, to confirm that complaint for loan (2) had been registered. It seems that there was a system error which meant my account was held by 2 departments. Yet again they were very helpful and now that it has been registered properly i should get a response in a few days.
  15. great, thanks DJ, I'll get that sent tomorrow. TBF, they have been extremly helpful conserning loan (1), straight answers and very quick response. Loan (2) seems to be much more complicated, no one seems t want to take responsibility for it. Will it matter that i took the loan out over the internet? i'll keep you updated as i hear more news, thanks again
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