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  1. I cant believe the nerve of these UKPC people! I recently went with my father & he parked in the Halfords/B&Q car park in Grimsby with the intention of going to Halfords. I saw a guy stood watching us in the area for trolleys & thought that's odd, I'm guessing now he was the parking attendant. My father doesn't have a debit card & so needed to go to the bank in town to get money out before going to Halfords. As my father is 60 with walking problems it took about 15-20 mins to get to the cash machine (time on the receipt for money was 11:58am) After returning to the car we went to Halfords but did not buy anything due to the extortionate amounts. We sat in the car for a bit until my father got his breath back from walking & then went home. 3 days later & a nice letter from UKPC arrives stating "Unauthorized Parking" saying we were parked on yellow lines/hatched lines? What idiot does that & to top it off the picture clearly shows a normal parking space no lines at all Now they want £45 from him in 14 days & I think its ridiculous. THE WORST THING IS.... the time stamp on the photo was 11:38 which is 20 min after we stepped out the car! so the guy watched us walk away from the car & assumed we were shopping elsewhere! What a bloody cheek! My father is not happy about this & I really don't think he should pay! Any sort of help or advice would be greatly appreciated & I would like to know if others have had problems in this area as well.
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