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  1. Hi I'd be grateful for any HB expertise that people may be able to provide on this. I'm self-employed, on a low-ish income. Most of the income is from one client who i work for on certain days a month. My boss is leaving the company shortly and having been there some years I know it is going to be a total nightmare when he goes. It's a privately run, very badly (or well) managed business (depending how you look at it...from their side or the workers' side...) where me and boss are doing 3 people's jobs rather than just our own, 2 jobs, due to a third person there doing an astonishing
  2. Hello I would be grateful if anyone knows the answer to this question of mine/or if they could advise. I had nowhere to live due to having to move out of a place where there was a rogue landlord, at short notice (overcharging, general mistreatment of tenants, etc). I went to stay at a close friend's, initially for a month. The month got turned in to 2 months due to some pressing work commitments I then had to fulfill. I got a new place but was unable to move in immediately so it became 3 months I was there in the end. She was/is in receipt of single person's discount for council
  3. re: your reply...thanks for that but I think this is incorrect, or at least, it is unfortunately 'missing my point' as it were. Because, if you are only on a low pension - which I like many millions of others will be - your pension income is only going to be let's say £130/week (if your pension is 8k a year) or around £100/week if you are just on the state pension. All pension counts as taxable income. But according to entitledto.co.uk, income at these low levels means your housing benefit would hardly be affected - if you were only on £100/wk (state pension, roughly!) you would get all your h
  4. Hello I work in a low-paid industry, where promotion ladder is also almost invisible. I don't have a mortgage as unfortunately with this scenario, haven't been able to afford one. I am in london and waiting list for council housing is massive, it would take years to get to the top and so it's hard to see that happening (also, what if I move borough...I will go to the bottom again). So I'm looking forward in time and it looks like I will be on either state pension or maybe I'll have managed to scrimp and save to be able to have that plus a few k from my pension contributions.
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