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  1. I haven't been passed to Clarity or hear anything from PTP since last year but you need to keep everything in writing! They cannot refuse your offer of payment if it is what you can afford - even if it was a token payment! They are playing games, stay strong.
  2. Sorry for the delay!!!! Yes sounds fine by me - email it. I searched for advice on here about PTP and someone had put an IOM address up for them so i sent a letter....i later found out it didn't exist so that was a pointless excersize really. Good Luck
  3. They already have your national insurance number as it is your log in details and they ask for it if you speak / email them. The address in IOM doesn't exist (i found that out later) - sorry thought i'd editted it
  4. I put something like this:- NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER: XXXXXX LOAN NUMBER: XXXXXX Dear Sir / madam Just to keep you informed, yesterday I wrote a letter to your company asking you to correspond with me in writing / email over this debt and not by telephone. This was sent first class to your office in the Isle of Man. It is my right to request this and failure to do so means that you will be breach of The Communications Act 2003 and The Administration of Justice Act 2003. Failure to comply means you will without hesitation be reported to OFCOM, Trading Standards a
  5. Don't worry.....email them and make it very clear that you are not avoiding this debt but will ONLY correspond in writing and ask them to remove all of your contact numbers. This worked for me. Also....on a brighter note. I cancelled my DD in November and have only had one email and one letter. Nothing since.
  6. Just wanted to update everyone.....i have heard nothing from PTP / Clarity about my PTP debt since Nov 09
  7. It wasn't neccessary for me, i didn't even cancel my card as i knew 100% i had never given them my card details. That was for a PDL with PTP
  8. Read my post above - it explains exactly what to do. First off don't panic - you're in control! Ring your bank and cancel the direct debit, also ring them and advise them that your card has been stolen. One that's been done, write /email them and advise them - explain your situation and make your offer of payment, on this correspondance also tell them that you require all correspondance to be in writing and that you will not be discussing the matter over the phone. Don't stress! I was the same but felt so liberated when pay day came around and i had control.
  9. Hi Meggie-Moo.....cancel your direct debits with the bank immediately, also cancel your debit card (tell the bank it has been stolen). Email the companies in question, advise them of your situation and make a payment offer - ask for all correspondance to be kept in writing and ask them to remove all telephone numbers from their system. You will feel so much better knowing that you are in control of the situation rather than the other way round. I only had one with PTP but i feel so much better now knowing my wage is mine. I am still battling with PTP but all phone contact s
  10. Got an email today! From PTP, it is the first i've had and it goes like this:- We are in receipt of your e-mail sent in on November 4th, 2009. Please be advised that we have ceased all collection activities and all communication by telephone while this account is under investigation. We have attached a copy of your loan agreement for you to understand the terms of your loan. We are prepared to offer a repayment arrangement in the amount of three (3) equal payments of £112.00 and one (1) final payment of £112.94 as payment in full of your outstanding loan. This represents the £448.9
  11. I would email them (PTP) and advise them that you do not authorise this and that you will be taken this matter up with the OFT. I would write to my bank and tell them that under no circumstances should a DD be set up again for them as they are doing this without your authorisation
  12. Your loving your battle with them aren't you?!?!?! I so wish you'd have had Gavin, think you'd have relished in dealing with him
  13. For anyone who hasn't read the paper:- The peril of easy credit at Christmas | The Sun |Features I shall be watching tonight!
  14. Tolani Jackson???? Well never heard of her on this thread!! The games have begun for you! I never played email tennis with them just playing the waiting game for Clarity!
  15. Why not go on the entitled to website and do one for both figures then work out the difference? Won't be exact but will give you an idea
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