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  1. This may be an obvious question, but is it possible to register with the Mail Pref Service as "The Occupier"? Anything addressed to The Occupier would therefore be addressed to someone who had registered with the MPS to prevent junk mail. This seems so obvious that I'd be surprised if someone else hasn't thought of it, so it may not be possible or may not work, but just a thought. Secondly, try not to get wound up. The only person who suffers if you do is yourself. I get mail from Virgin, and most of the time it just gets recycled. Occasionally I look at it, and wonder why the promotion doesn't have full details to allow me to evaluate it. But then I recycle it because my attitude is if they can't be bothered to use their time to tell me exactly why their product and prices are so good.... I certainly can't be bothered to spend my time working it out.
  2. I read the quote at the top of the page and thought it sounded familiar! lol Yes, good news, and the fact that it went no further indicates they weren't confident of their position, despite the size of the account. As for the leeches mentioned, and others of that ilk, I am sure they will be easily rebuffed, and will in some cases, no doubt pass the account onto another chancer leech. Do you have plans on checking or have you already checked your credit files to make sure all traces of this account/debt are gone.
  3. at long last, after many months, nearly a year in fact, a bank has climbed down and admitted defeat and suggested a F an F settlement (which I will reject of course), AND hinted that they may have made a mistake on my CRA file came as a total surprise, but I have to keep going back to the email to re-read it because theres a lot to take in. result though, I think, if I can just pin them down and reduce teh F n F they want
  4. so does that not mean they didnt have all teh details when they issued the SD? isnt that abuse of process? call the court to check it HAS been withdrawn, sometimes theyre not and they get a judgement when you dont turn up or defend
  5. tell them what you are able to pay and if they don't like it they can stick it where the sun dont shine and take their chances with the court system. you should also investigate that the debt does exist, it is accurate amount, and that you are in a legally binding agreement
  6. no charges were applied, they closed all both accounts teh same day they didthe transfers I already had an overdraft and was already over the limit for it.
  7. you simply post the URL for the thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?236472-Summons-received-from-Wescot-MBNA I personally think yours is an open and shut case in your favour, but it shouldn't be discussed here, keep everything in the same thread so it's together. I suggest you make another post in that thread to update it and it would help if you put in the date of the hearing so people will know the urgency. If theres no date, it doesnt look urgent. Posting here about it wont help you
  8. The most I would get via teh FSO is an apology from the bank. They transferred the CC balance to the overdraft (which I had already exceeded) and then closed both those accounts, moving the balance to a debt account (as part of their writing off process) for chasing by a DCA. It all happened the same day. Yes they broke their TnC, but did they lose any rights in doing so, and did I suffer any prejudeice as a result?
  9. no because I'm not sure what to complain about. In what way have I lost out? what rights have been infringed? I just remmebred, they ddint ransferred to a DCA, it was to a 'debt account'. They still own it so I think its their process of writing it off and engaging DCAs to chase. They could have trasnferred the CC balance to the debt account, and the same with the current ac. They didnt. They trasnferred the CC to the Current ac, then transferred that to the debt ac. Same result, but they broke their own TnCs. As i said, they repudiated the CC so I wonder if there was some way they also lost the rights to the arrears on the CC and to the overdraft. That would make me smile
  10. well no, I never find it strange that they break yet another law/rule/guideline/element of fair business practice. I quite expect it from all of them. In this case though, overdrafts are covered by the CCA, and as I was already in negative balance, they can't say the offset was applied against the current account, the money came straight from the overdraft. I do understand what you say though, but when they made the transfer, they closed both accounts and transferred the money to a DCA so I'm not sure if it was just a genuine attempt at housekeeping by incompetent staff or that they were deliberately being underhand. Theyre always underhand, its just a case of whether its deliberate or not
  11. lmao if i did that, it wouldn't make any difference as the repudiated the agreement anyway. If I could make a case that they somehow broke their rights to have the overdraft paid because of their withdrawal, but in making the offset they paid off the card arrears, then they wouldn't get the card arrears due under their repudiation and wouldnt get the overdraft back either. Seems fuunny they complained so much when i was £50 over my overdraft limit, but then added on two grand from my CC and didnt say anything about it, or even tell me they had closed both accounts - I found out 3 months later when I CCAed them
  12. just been reading one of my credit card agreements, and it has the clause that the bank can "use any credit balance on any other account you hold with us to reduce or repay any sums you fail to pay under this agreement..." they go on to say they will inform me asap if they do now, they actually paid off this card by withdrawing from my current ac which was already over my OD limit, then closed the credit card and the current account and trasnferred both to a DCA (and they neither told me they had used my current ac to pay the CC, or told me they had closed either account!) Now, this is a bit academic I suppose, but does the fact they withdrew on a debit balance rather tan credit actually affect things? The CC was defaulted with a bad DN, and the overdraft CC was closed without any DN at all. I feel they lost the balance of the CC other than the arrears because of the defectrive DN, and also maybe they lost the overdraft because they didn't issue a DN (but not sure), but wonder if the offset they applied changes things or gives me other arguments about them breaking the agreement maybe of the current account which probably has a similar term
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