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  1. Second DN purely asking for total payment... I had advice from solicitor, he said he cat write for me some letters and start play with WF or i can wait till WF start some court action, which he think its never happend propably, because its strange how even WF calculated total outstanding balance £5500...
  2. Hi beyond, no rebate of charges or rebate of interest, just sum about £5500 its outstanding balance on my HP. I never paid anything since 1st default and never received any letters or phone calls from any debt companies....
  3. I were for legal advice,but it was before 2nd default notice. The 2nd default is for about £5500 and they want me pay in 14days arrears of about £2300. I dont know how they calculated this price, from where is it... And its strange because my account been closed after termination and they offer me before pay half of total outstanding balance £5500 which was about £2300, but they never send me letter how they calculate £5500 after care been repo... So dont know what now m8...
  4. Hey guys, after while back with some news: I received last week again letter from WF Nottingham main office, Default Notice for my HP agreement again, 2nd time now, even when car was repo half year ago. Is it right from them ??? Can somebody help please?
  5. Beyond or somebody can you help me sorted this problem: I sent WF CCA request letter in February 2010 and they STILL never reply to me about my cca. I have proof from Post Office the WF cashed my postal order of £1 for CCA but never done anything about this. What can i do with these? Any help please...
  6. hey guys, i been today in solicitor... So i have 2 options: tottally ignore them and wait if they start any court action, but solicitor dont think so because they have propably mess in paperworks... Or start sending them letters from solicitor about my old car which been trade in for £1, then GardX £299 on top of car price, and how they calculated i own them still over £5000 and why they offer me pay only half of total sums... So lets think and i need decide... Any news about your problems Beyond?
  7. Hi, i dont know really m8, i think i need go see solicitor and try sorted all paper works... Its too much for me now and i dont know what isbest to do next...
  8. Hey Beyond, sorry but what do you mean they really did have one great big car sale??? Im confused how they calculated i have still debt £5254.91, they never even inform me for how much they sold the car...
  9. Hi guys, so after 2months from repo i received today 1st letter from WF branch: You have a debt of £5254.91 due to Welcome Finance They giving me offer: if i pay just 50% of what i owe in the next 21 days then this debt will be paid in full... Can somebody help what i should do next please guys??? I dont know if pay this £2627.46 or go see solicitor and go to coutr with WF... Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, back again after some busy time... Since WF repo the car, i never received any letter or phone call from them... My account is still in dispute, since i sent letter to WF about account in dispute, about 2months ago no any respond to my letter... Please can somebody help me what is best to do, if go to court or find lawyer and claim all money back from them??? PLEASE HELP
  11. ok so i try find some solicitor and discuss all 1st with them and then try go to court. Btw. man from recovery company left me only very bad fax copy of letter from WF about authorisation collect the car. But on letter is no any info who is authorised collect the car and another think is recovery company not uplifted the car but drove away from my house without road tax... Hows yours way with WF Beyond? Any good news?
  12. ok, so what will be better option, take them to court and find some solicitor 1st now and ask solicitor what will be best option to do?
  13. Hi, my car was repo this afternoon by recovery company... The guy left only some very bad copy of welcome finance letter authorizing recovery company uplifted the car because is possession of WF. Can somebody help what is best to do next, i dont know if shall i go to court or no... thanks.
  14. Im not over 1/3 with my payments, but another problem is, which you can find in my thred here is, theres been added on top of car price GardX for £299 and they charged on this interest, im only about £300 to 1/3 of payments, so im not sure if is even my HP contract then right or no. I put my account 3weeks ago into dispute, from since i never heard or received any letter from WF and i sent same time request about SAR request, which they never sent me before complete, so i requested again all documents they hold of me, so they sent me again all same paperworks, there was only added HP full st
  15. Hi guys, i have problem with recovery company which has to pick up my car. I received text message on my mobile today, if can i contact the guy from recovery company about my car,as Welcome are going to report car as missing if not returned. So i phoned him about 30mins ago, spoak with him, i told him car is kept on front of house so he can pick up the car any time, because im not using this car anymore. So he asked me where i leave a key for car for him, i told him im not give him key, because i never received any letter from WF about car will be recover by any another company.
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