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  1. great results but these are from the mouth of the dca's themselves...how's this for credibility, look at the success gallery page in here: http://consumercreditcounsellingpracticalguideforyou.wordpress.com
  2. I think but dont quote me on this...it could be because either they are or are njot the UNDERWRITERS and also if has been assigned that could make a difference too
  3. Yers to both of you....Contractual Interest rate was what was signed on the agreement...and at the compunded rate...it appears that they are using 8% to save money for them....
  4. Received letter from Genworth....they will settle..but I have advised my colleague that offer is too low....store card opened in 1994....up till 2006...simple interest at 8%...total offer just £648.00 including premiums...any thoughts please...should they also have included contractual interest?
  5. Have received a request from Genworth to get a 'final response letter' from Santander.....Received that letter 3 weeks ago...have now sent that along with evidence from Santander stating that they had no idea what took place regarding sales process in store...now waiting for reply from Genworh...lets see!!!
  6. The original loan had no signature in the box. and ppi was added anyway without my friends knowledge..the 2 consolidation loans did have siggy's but my colleague thought that he HAD to sign because the PPI was already on it...so really he was misled and believed he had NO CHOICE but to sign something that he never really knew he had nor wanted from the beginning...so not voluntary in the truest sense...the calculation was spot on...so thanks again for the method of calculation/advice ims/dx
  7. THANKS Ims and Dx100 my friend got an offer yesterday almost £5000 regarding the rollovers....contribution from him passed to me to pass on via Postal Order when he gets cheque... thanks again for all your patience guys
  8. Letter typed out today will be posted to Genworth on Wednesday...will keep u posted...actually the address does include 'financial insurance company'....
  9. An interesting exchange!!! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4218731 Definitely appears to be a link between Santander and Genworth and assumptions of liability by Genworth on behalf of Santander
  10. ..And again...http://www.genworth.co.uk/content/genworth/uk/en/footer/legal.html https://www.genworth.com/global-corporate/newsroom/news-releases.html
  11. Getting closer:wink: http://www.genworth.co.uk/content/genworth/uk/en/contact_us/policyholders.html
  12. ha ha Tedney u just beat me to the post...but thanks anyway...
  13. I did a bit of research...here we go hope this helps others as I intend to approach them ... http://www.genworth.co.uk/content/genworth/uk/en/home.html
  14. An excellent interpretation of the above legislation is given here by The Court of Appeal Civil Division ...The Lord of Appeal also put it in it's historical context purpose etc...''rights to conduct litigation and audience are also explained... http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2005/1507.html
  15. This is good stuff as I also am pursuing on bhalf of colleague Debenhams Store Card/Ge Capital One/Santander/ taken out pre-2000....inroads appear to be made...do you have Genworths Address....whaich is the appropriate address to send to.....Financial Insurance or Genworths??? Thanks much WHICH WAS SOLD AT POINT OF SALE...
  16. If it does not have the correct address at time of contract then as per HHJ Waksman in Carey v HSBC it is not an 'honest and accurate copy' and is therefore unenforceable in Court.....they can still hound you as per MgGuffick v RBS but they cannot enforce.... A true copy is explained in Carey v HSBC...but in essence it can be reconstructed from 'other sources' that existed at time agreement was executed'...for information purposes only......in order to prove that an original was executed they must provide that in Court.....test them as to whther they do have an originally signed executed agreement under CPUTR 2008
  17. Oh and make sure that u get ALL the interest...as it appears that MBNA are short circuiting claimants as to the full amounts:wink:
  18. Clinical Finishing...more than i can say 4 arsenal last night hee hee...well dun!!!
  19. But HAVE they been destroyed...get THEM to prove this under s9 Civil Evidence Act 1995 c38
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