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  1. Also had massive problems with a bed from Very that only lasted a few months. My case is already at the pre court stage. Very don't seem to recognise the Consumer Rights Act and just fob people off. Just had a conversation this morning with them to try and avert a small claim and the adviser repeatedly advised me I had to refer the matter to the financial Ombudsman. Im at a loss as to what a faulty bed has to do with the financial ombudsman if the item has already been paid for. Am going to be starting a claim today with them. Good luck with resolving your issue with them and as Bankfoddder says, seems the best way to go with Very is through the small claims court.
  2. a quick update. The company responded on the 21st day and the letter arrived several days outside the 21 day deadline. They have essentially now asked me to prove they are processing my data and are stating the matter does not fall within DPA 1998 and have ejected the s.10 notice. In addition I made a schoolboy error with the date on the letter and put 2015 not 2016 which again they are stating the notice is a year out of date. The letter was delivered by hand, personally to the director, on the correct date on the letter but the wrong year. Any advice on the legality of this would be appreciated as I had intended to do the 14 day pre litigation letter then take legal action. They have also rejected the Subject Access Request citing the matter is not relevant to DPA 1998. At the very least I know I am named in several emails sent from the director to third parties.
  3. Yes, it's a local authority, more akin to a Parish Council or national park rather than a council if that makes sense.
  4. I received a Penalty Notice from a small local authority, not a council however still a government based authority. I'm reluctant to name them at this stage. The ticket states a penalty payment of £50 is now due reduced to £20 if paid within 5 days. I have chosen to pay the £20 at this stage and fight the charge after without the risk of it being increased. Probably not what most of you would recommend but its not the money for me, its the principle. The ticket has not been filled in correctly. It just states the date, time, vehicle etc. The ticket has a tick box for a choice of several car parks and also for several reasons of issuing the ticket. None of these have been completed. The ticket also has no appeals process stated on the ticket, although the address and phone number are on the ticket. I had purchased a valid ticket which included my vehicle reg number so there is no doubt that a ticket had been purchased. The issue is the ticket was a lightweight paper till roll type ticket that must have blown off the dash as I closed the door, it was a windy day. I have read of appeals still going against people with a ticket not being displayed correctly hence my just paying the £20, however if the ticket has not been completed correctly or there if there is no appeals process then surely they must be in breach of the Traffic Management Act ? Would appreciate any comments. My intention is to hopefully recover the £20 and ensure they change their ways....
  5. Its a small local business, they have collated my personal data on a list that has subsequently been passed to several of their customers. I have no dealings with the said business in a commercial way other than one of the directors seems to have some vendetta against me. The personal data on the list is quite damaging to my local reputation hence my wanting them to cease processing my data.
  6. After some advice and any feedback from anybody who has needed to seek a court order to have their data ceased being processed. I have issued a S. 10 notice that was delivered by hand to the director of a small company, they have so far attempted to involve a third party to put pressure on me to back off but have failed to abide by the notice. I have also sent a Subject access request which I am expecting them to ignore as well. Being a small company this could just be down to not knowing what to do etc however I am now in the position of having to decide my next steps. Has anyone pursued a S.10 notice as far as the courts ?
  7. Have you made any progress with GE ? Am curious as to the 12 year rule as well, I had assumed it was 6 years from when you discovered the incident or fraud.
  8. Have just stumbled across the secret commissions saga, I had several mortgages with City Mortgage / I group and GE Money. Has anybody had any success recently with this ?
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm still calming down from the rage of seeing what they had done. In the bigger picture, the concern is that they're systems seem to be able to show the password to anybody who had access. I had, foolishly, assumed that when asked for say the 3rd and 7th letter of the password that would be all the call centre operator would be able to see. It would seem they have access to the whole password. Potentially should somebody use the same password for various accounts this could be catastrophic in the wrong hands.
  10. I wasn't sure which forum to post this in however decided on the CRA forum as I would imagine those on here would have the best knowledge of Data Protection. The long story cut short is that a very large UK business has disclosed my password for my account with them to various other bodies including several solicitors acting for them and have also submitted this information to the HM courts as a part of their "evidence" to defend my claim. The account is still very much active and had I not gone through their bundle with a fine tooth comb I would not have spotted the breach. This information has already been on circulation for some time now with their solicitor and now the courts. My concern is the format in which the password has been disclosed is in the form of a "screenshot" of their computer system which would indicate that all of their operators also have complete access to the whole password. I had always understood that passwords were stored in such a manner as the operator would only ever have access to 2 letters / characters. If this is the case then it would seem to be quite a serious breach of data protection in itself that passwords are stored like this. In my own case to say I am furious that my password has been circulated to the courts and their solicitor would be an understatement and I would l like advice on how you would deal with this. I would rather not say the company at this time as I do not want to compromise my own case, however this is a very large UK business.
  11. I should also add, they have a habit of saying they have sent letters when they have not. Its all computer generated so it may be possible that the DN was never printed let alone sent.
  12. OUSBA seem to be in a right mess since changing their systems earlier this year. I received an DN months ago, tried to call them to make an arrangment for several months to catch up yet each time I called I was told there was nobody available from "credit managment" to speak to me. I called daily, sometimes twice a day leaving messages but calls were not returned. In the end I finaly spoke to somebody in credit managment who assured me a default would not be applied and accepted the 2 month arrangment. Low and behold they applied the default regardless and wrecked my credit history. Ousba accepted they were in the wrong but it did take a while to get it removed. My advice would be to speak to them, explain the situation and ask for it to be removed. For what it is worth, they later admited they were extremely understaffed and had a huge amount of problems with their new system.
  13. Yes, received the default notice, spent about a week trying to speak to somebody to make an arrangement or failling that pay off the arrears and not pay something else ! Each time I called I was told credit management were busy and would return my call, this never happened until the last day that the default had to be rectified on the notice. On that day I finally spoke to credit management who accepted and confirmed in writing a short term arrangement was ok. My understanding was if an arrangement was made the default would not be registered. I should also point out that the arrears are only 2 months, its not like I am months and months behind. Just seems extremely harsh from a company who took a week to answer the call and to accept payment. Throughout the week I had tried to pay 3/4 of the monthly payment yet my payment would not be accepted until I had spoken to credit management.
  14. I have an account with the Open University and recently had short term financial problems which I knew were going to just be for a couple of months. I ended up getting a default notice having already said I couldn't pay the full amount for a couple of months. On receiving the notice I called them and nobody could answer the questions, I was just told somebody would call me back. I knew I had to have this paid or an arrangement in place prior to the date on the notice so continued to call to resolve but each time their credit management department was too busy to accept calls and were calling people back. This never happened on each call. On the last day before the notice I was calling every few hours and even tried to pay the full amount of arrears but was told I needed to speak to credit management regardless, I could not even pay what I thought the arrears were !! They would just not accept my money. I finally received a call back from whom I believe was credit management, they understood the situation and were more than happy to accept a reduced payment for 2 months and even confirmed this by letter. I was told that an arrangement would show on my credit file. I have now seen on Equifax that they have issued the default regardless of the arrangement. My understanding was if an arrangment was made the default would not be issued. Can they do this ? had I known this I would have ensured it was something else that wasn't paid and this was kept up to date. I am furious that their inability to answer my call or take any payment for well over a week has resulted in this. I know I need to speak to them on monday but how can I resolve this if they wont remove the default. ?
  15. Very much the same as my issue. Where you on the electoral register at that time with the correct address including flat number ?
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