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  1. Fantastic, was feeling a bit cheated by them until i read reply, feeling a bit more optimistic now. Thankyou. Will keep posting as update continues
  2. Ok so here goes, I've had a bit of a do with bayv lately, long story cut short, I reported 2 items that needed repairing and after daily follow ups i had not heard anything, 6 wks later and enough was enough i cancelled my DD. Never heard a peep for another 6 weeks up until Tuesday, I get area manager knocking at my door (bearing in mind hes a friend of mine so it wasn't to bad) I explained that as i was paying for All sorted cover and reported 2 items broken but seeing as though never kept to their arrangement of fixing or repla
  3. Im on mobile atm, can do it at the weekend when I hopefully get my laptop back
  4. As much as ive been looking forward to calculating figures im getting a headache now lol, I have 4 items with bayv, all with different interest rates Eg, washing machine All Sorted cover = £130.00, interest = £88.79, total amount payable = £218.79 Interest rate (per annum) fixed = 24.84%, APR = 51.39% Tablet All sorted cover = £90.00, interest = £90.00. Total repayable = £157.56. Interest rate (per annum) fixed = 25.00%, APR = 51.10% Nintendo dsi bundle All Sorted cover = £60.00, interest = £44.52. Total repayable = £104.52. Interest rate (per annum) fized = £24.70%. APR =50.50
  5. All 4 items are on the 1 account, thanks so much ims21, I sooooo cant wait to get stuck into this lot lol
  6. Just wondering if anyone is around to help plz, ive started the spreadsheet but im unsure if I should put all items on 1 sheet or seperate
  7. Hi again, do i need to fill a spreadsheet for each item? I currently have 4 items with them at the min, thanks in advance
  8. Thanks so much. Will get straight onto it and keep u updated throughout
  9. I do as it happens, i keep hold of everything payments wise. I've received a reply stating as i am outside of the 45 days i cannot reclaim back. I've never heard of this before and I've read alot of bayv problems
  10. Hi, I've been thinking of reclaiming back the "optional" insurances back from BAYV as i wasn't aware it was optional when i took the agreements on. How do i get the ball rolling on this please. I emailed them last night asking if i can reclaim them as i was missold it and within 5 mins i received a reply "could you please send ur account number and address so i can locate your account" I did this and Im yet to hear back, they were so quick to reply to my 1st email but not my 2nd, probably trying to think of a way to fob me off knowing bayv.
  11. Hi, i may have read somewhere on this site you where doing a Buy As You View fact sheet. Is this true and if so could you point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance x
  12. Thanks to everyone who advised me on this thread, it turns out all my statements go beyond 6 years so I've wasted time and energy on Natwest. Oh well, there's still RBS, Lloyds TSB, and Nationwide x
  13. Ok so I received a reply from the ICO today stating they received my correspondence and aim to send an initial reply and case ref no. Within 30 days which is good but still nothing from Natwest but they have until Tuesday to send me what I initially asked for, thanks to all who advised me on what to do. Will be back with an update thru the week x
  14. Hi, I took the advice sabresheep gave me and posted both to natwest and ico on Monday, according to the tracking numbers they were both signed for on Tuesday so hopefully I should hear something back soon.
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